BMW X5 Was the Most ‘Stolen and Recovered’ Car in the UK in 2018

BMW X5, News | February 18th, 2019 by 11
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Every year rankings of all sorts are made up by various institutions or interested parties in the automotive field. One of the most interesting ones I found relates to the cars that get stolen the most. To me, such rankings show how desirable a car is and how impervious its tech can be to thieves. According to one company in the UK, the BMW X5 is the king of a rather special segment, the one dedicated to cars ‘stolen and recovered.

The guys from Tracker always keep track – pun very much intended – on which cars are most popular with thieves. After all, their job is to make sure you always know where your car is, even if it gets ‘knicked’ and according to them, the BMW X5 was the most stolen and recovered car in the UK in 2018. That’s an important distinction, by the way, as this wasn’t the most stolen car but also the one that got recovered as well.

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Videos have been popping up online recently showing just how easy it is to steal a keyless go-equipped car and that’s just horrifying to watch for most people. However, with tracking tech you can recover it rather easily as long as the thieves don’t know where the tracker is located or whether the car has one on board. According to the same company, the X5 has claimed the top spot eight times over the last 9 years, a remarkable performance. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class came in second last year, after stealing the title from the X5 in 2017.

Their statistics also show a rise in the percentage of the cars equipped with keyless tech that are being stolen. Their data reveals that 88% of stolen vehicles fitted with one of its devices, which were successfully recovered in 2018, were stolen without using the owner’s keys. An increase from 80% stolen by this method in 2017, but a more significant and worrying increase compared with the 66 percent recorded in 2016.

11 responses to “BMW X5 Was the Most ‘Stolen and Recovered’ Car in the UK in 2018”

  1. mod9 says:

    I am wondering if car manufacturers have gotten around the “breach” in their car security with regard to the keyless technology equipped cars.

    Those videos scared the lights out of me when I saw how they stole the cars.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      im sure bmw said in the new models if the key is placed on the table it stops sending a signal but when picked up it will send a signal

      • mod9 says:

        Thanks for that, the problem I have is that I would have a problem when I just parked the car and am moving away from it. Can you imagine the thieves watching you and you are walking? The key would be transmitting all the time.

        Why can’t it transmit the signal when you are as close as the car door?

      • Wout says:

        The new (high end?) Mercedes keys have this as well. A BMW garage can disable the remote access hardware in your car if you want to. My local garage often gets requests to do this.

    • Central Lifestyle says:

      Manufacturers don’t appear bothered.

    • Gabriel Nica says:

      There are solutions currently being investigated but until manufacturers do something about it you can buy yourself a pouch that simulates a Faraday cage to protect yourself against thieves.

  2. Icebreakerr says:

    im sure bmw cut the signal off on the new keys? best not to buy a car with comfort acess rather open the door normally

  3. Jupiter says:

    Bring back car keys. Keyless entry is an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist.

    • Pilz says:

      If we went back to physical inserting a key I’d be annoyed. Have a true keyless car was once a luxury option, now it’s more xommin

  4. Jon says:

    Not sure I want the car back/recovered if it was stolen.

    • Wout says:

      Exactly, my dads Mercedes E was stolen once. It was remotely disabled and tracked
      down. They found it next to a highway in Northern France. All seats cut
      open, dash ruined, windows and lights smashed, punctured tires and
      scratched body all around.

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