If you’re a fan of a certain car brand, chances are you won’t frown upon the possibility of also getting a couple of accessories or even clothing items with the same brand on them. BMW figured this thing out first, when the Motorsport division was founded, people finding the jackets the drivers and officials wore at the pits quite appealing and simply demanding to be able to buy them as well. That said, other brands took up on this opportunity of selling branded merchandise as well and MINI just unveiled their new lifestyle collection, for the 2018-2020 period.

From time to time, MINI brings out a host of products for the MINI enthusiasts out there, looking to cater to every need but also making a statement in the process. The collection includes more than 100 items, from clothing and bags to luggage, accessories, children’s gear and mobility items and, since the British brand is considered premium, all the materials used for everything in it are of high-quality.

Two new exterior colors (“Island” and “Coral”) are the most prominent visual features headlining the MINI Lifestyle Collection 2018–2020. “Island” – a very modern shade of blue – reflects the exterior color “Island Blue” available for the current MINI Countryman. Radiant “Coral” red is the perfect color complement and adds a fresh accent. The base colors Black, White and Grey provide the perfect backdrop for the two accent colors.

The products in the Lifestyle Collection continue the new MINI Lifestyle aesthetic introduced in 2016 and come with well thought-through details and a minimalist and expressive design very much in tune with the times. Added to which, they all possess that special MINI twist – a particular spark to their design or functionality. Contrasts in form, color and material play a key role here. High-quality and authentic materials demonstrating responsible use of resources help shape the character of the Collection.

You’ll find new t-shirts in the collection, made using modern techniques such as jersey bonding to give the items a ‘crisp aesthetic’ according to MINI. There’s a new MINI logo patch polo shirt available as well as a new MINI Logo Patch Sweatshirt and a MINI Logo Patch Sweatshirt for kids which comes with a little pouch for storing stuff. There are also plenty of bags and luggage choices around as well as accessories and items for kids’ mobility and you can check them all out in the photo gallery below. The Collection is available from July at www.shop.mini.com and from MINI dealers.