Most people buy cars with as little amount of hassle and wait as possible. They drive to the closest dealer lot, pick out a blue one, sign some papers and off they go. How else would you explain someone buying a Mitsubishi Outlander? However, some people like to take their time, have some lunch while they think about what sort of car they’d like and then they take to the interwebs to find the right one. Even those internet-scouring folks, more often than not, won’t leave a certain radius from their home to find their car. However, maybe they should.

When you search further outside of your typical radius, a few things can happen; you can drastically increase the amount of great cars you’ll find, increasing your chances to find our perfect car, and you can also find significantly better prices. Many different states are a lot cheaper than others. For instance, I live in New Jersey where cars are very expensive but searching for cars in Pennsylvania can field much better prices.

The only problem with searching far out of state, naturally, is getting the car. Now, you could fly out to the car and take a road trip with it back but that’s a bit expensive and tedious. Or, more conveniently and more logically, you could have the car shipped.

It’s actually quite easy to find a car you like online, regardless of where it is in the country, and have it shipped to you once you’ve purchased it. Admittedly, that does mean you have to buy it sight unseen, but that’s not too much of a problem if you’ve seen enough photos/videos of the car, trust the seller and have done your research. But once all is done, having it shipped back to you is a wonderfully easy and more affordable way to get your car than you might imagine.

Finding an auto shipping service can be a bit tricky, though. There are dozens of different companies that handle such things and different means of shipping. So a singular company like Car Shipping Carriers can be very helpful, as it basically acts as the car shipping broker between the customer and shipper.

Call CSC and they will help you with everything you need. According to their site, once you call, CSC “explains the entire process on how to ship a car speaking with a specialist; writing down vehicle shipping quote details and asking questions; placing an order and receiving a contract for review; looking over details and asking remaining questions; and finalizing the contract and payment.”

This way, the stress of finding the right company, shipping carrier and price are all taken care of for you. It makes life quite a lot easier and takes a lot of the headache out of buying and shipping a car. Sure, it costs some money to hire a carrier to bring your car to you but when you figure in the savings you can find with a much larger search and the fact that you will be far more likely to find your perfect car, it seems like it’s worth the slightly higher cost.

CSC is a fairly new company, having been founded in 2011, and is still owned by the sole owner who founded it. So it’s a relatively small company, not a massive shipping corporation, and one that prides itself on making relationships with its customers. That makes it a company you can trust and not just some faceless conglomerate that’s out to take your money. CSC wants to develop a relationship with its customers.

If you’re looking to buy a car, whether new or used, don’t pigeon-hole yourself into only buying locally. Take a look at cars outside of your immediate surrounds, search far and wide. You’ll find more interesting cars and possibly better pricing. It might cost a bit more but it will be worth it.