Google has been one of the world’s most valuable companies for years, mostly thanks to its dominant search engine. This year, it’s worth taking a look at Google Trends 2017, which analyzes millions of search queries to give you an idea of ​​what people around the world are looking for more. Of course, the automotive industry is a the center of these searches, including the big German carmakers.

The Google Trends 2017 paint a clear picture: BMW was in the last twelve months, the most sought after of the three car brands, both worldwide and in the domestic market Germany. While Mercedes and Audi go head-to-head for the place of the strongest pursuers, the top position of BMW currently seems unchallenged: the average of the last twelve months of the search queries for Audi and Mercedes is only about two thirds as often as for BMW.

In Germany, the top search terms in connection with BMW are the E46 – arguably BMW’s most popular 3 Series ever – motorcycle and the popular 1 Series. In the past twelve months, the worldwide search queries for BMW topics are related to the X5 and the E46.

In the US, “BMW for sale” is the top search term, ahead of “BMW E46” and “BMW 2017”. The strongest growth in the last 12 months has been the search terms BMW Z4 2018, BMW X1 2017 and BMW M5 2017.

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[Source: Bimmertoday]