Fans of the Bavarian brand have been buzzing about the new BMW 8 Series Concept Coupe. Recently debuted, the BMW 8 Series Concept is a stunning looking two-door GT car. It’s the sort of car that BMW fans have been begging BMW to make since the loss of the first-gen 8 Series. It’s long, low and very pretty. Everything a proper GT car should be. But it won’t be the only seductive German GT car in the segment when it debuts. Its main German competition will be the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, a car that is considered one of the best GTs currently on the market. So how to the two compare, in terms of looks?

Being that the 8 Series is still in concept form, we’re going to compare it with the original concept of the S-Class Coupe. Especially considering that the final product is very similar to its original concept. We’re hoping the 8 Series is as well.

In profile, it’s actually quite remarkable how similar both cars’ proportions are. Both have long hoods, short decks and short overhangs. They both have high shoulder lines and low seating positions with similar greenhouses. It’s pretty remarkable, actually. Considering that the final product of the S-Class Coupe is so similar to its concept, and from everything we’ve heard from BMW, we’re expecting the 8 Series to be similar to its concept as well. Though, it really is hard to pick which car is better looking. Personally, I’m going to go with the Bimmer, only because of its added aggression. The massive front air intakes, the crazy side vent and the sexier roofline. But if you like the elegance of the S-Class more, I can’t really blame you.

From the front, things get a bit interesting. The S-Class Concept looks a bit more production-ready, so it’s the better looking of the two. The headlights and the grille are nicely proportioned to each other and it looks menacing without looking ridiculous. The 8 Series Concept, on the other hand, looks a bit too cartoonish. It’s like a caricature of an angry cartoon bull. The grilles are too massive, like gigantic nostrils, and the headlights are extremely aggressive and squinty. It looks cool, but it’s a bit too much. Though, the 8 Series’ mug should be far more reserved and much better looking on the final product.

Out back, the BMW 8 Series Concept is the better looking car. The rear end of all new Mercedes products are just so sad looking. It looks like it just got some really bad news so now it’s hunching over and walking away. It’s also really boring, especially for a concept. The 8 Series Concept’s butt is sharp, dynamic and aggressive. The way its rear haunches flare out and the roof narrows toward the back give it a very low and athletic look. Then there’s the massive air vents and large exhausts. The taillights are also very sexy. It’s just a great looking rump.

On the inside, it really is a matter of taste. The 8 Series Concept is all sport while the S-Class Concept is all luxury. Both are very high tech and both feature very premium materials. But the 8 Series clearly emphasizes a more driver-oriented experience. It’s almost cockpit-like and very high-tech. While the S-Class Concept’s cabin is very high-tech as well, it’s far more concerned with enveloping its occupants with comfort. It doesn’t emphasize one passenger more than another, just comfort and luxury throughout. If you like sportier cabins, you’ll like the 8 Series. If you like more luxurious cabins, you’ll like the Benz. What’s interesting is just how similar the final Mercedes product looks to the concept on the inside. We hear that the 8 Series interior is 80 percent production ready, so expect close resemblance to the concept.

All in all, both of these cars represent great looking and very premium GT cars. The BMW 8 Series Concept leans more on the sporty side while the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concept is more luxurious. In hindsight, it’s interesting to see how close the Merc’s concept design was to the final product. We’re hoping for a similar turnout with the 8 Series.

[Photo Source: Bimmertoday]