No other automobile manufacturer is more popular as an employer among young IT professionals than the BMW Group. In the “Information technology” category of the “trendence Graduate Barometer 2017” employer rankings just published, the BMW Group was the highest-rated automobile manufacturer in Germany, at number three, trailing only the big names in IT. In early May, graduating engineering and business students already named the BMW Group as their preferred employer in the “trendence Graduate Barometer”.

BMW center for autonomous driving 01 750x500

“The profound change in our industry presents a historic opportunity for young talents to shape the mobility of the future,” explains Milagros Caiña-Andree, member of the Board of Management of the BMW Group, responsible for Human Resources. “Following our successes among both engineering and business students, the positive response of computer scientists shows that young IT professionals are also looking for the kind of challenges we can offer.”

With a score of now ten per cent, the BMW Group moved up another 0.9 percentage points from the previous year and improved on its position two years in a row. This was the company’s best result in a decade and, together with Google and Microsoft, it is one of IT graduates’ three top employers. The BMW Group’s popularity as an employer also increased in Austria, where the company was the second most popular choice for young IT professionals, behind Google.

In a comparison between sectors, the automotive industry was the number-two field of activity for young computer scientists and – thanks in part to the performance of the BMW Group – was once again more popular than the previous year. Only IT service providers were ranked higher by their industry’s young talent.

The “trendence Graduate Barometer Germany” this year surveyed a total of 52,000 graduating students from 196 colleges and universities in Germany, including around 5,500 IT students.

Another study published today by LinkedIn also confirmed the strong interest in the BMW Group as an employer. The BMW Group was the most popular automotive employer in the “LinkedIn Top Companies 2017” study.