We recently talked about how in the second episode in this current season of Top Gear, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is faster than the BMW M3. In the Top Gear episode, they compare the Alfa to the standard BMW M3. Despite not reviewing it, you can tell it’s a normal M3 by its wheels and some small styling touches. Now, they also don’t show its hot lap, so we don’t know if that’s the car they lapped.

However, in the latest episode of Extra Gear, the smaller show that comes on after Top Gear that gives us behind-the-scenes looks at the making of each Top Gear film and gives extra insight on the cars used, Chris Harris drives the new BMW M3 30 Jahre. The 30 Jahre is the 30th Anniversary edition of the M3 and Harris seems to like it quite a bit. He explains that the BMW M3 is historically his favorite sport sedan, so he’ll always have a soft sport for it.


He gives the BMW M3 30 Jahre a hot lap around the famous Top Gear test track and does many, many skids. He even pulls a mid-skid gear change which he seems very excited about. In the video, he describes the M3 30 Jahre a bit but it’s basically just an M3 Competition Package with some nice paint and cool interior touches. However, that doesn’t stop Harris from really appreciating it and he claims that he would spend the extra money on it. Though, he’s a bit of an M3-fan so he might have some rose-tinted glasses on.

Harris also talks about how he’s surprised people complain about this modern F80 M3, as he says it’s his favorite of the entire model’s lineup. He then proceeds to slide the hell out of the M3.

This is the first video review of the BMW M3 30 Jahre I’ve seen and it looks very cool, much more interesting than the standard car despite not being that different in reality. Harris is usually a pretty good judge of a car so, if he says it’s as good as it is, I’m inclined to believe him.

[Source: Top Gear]