If there was one kind of car that BMW enthusiasts wished the Bavarians would make, it’s probably a supercar/hypercar. We’ve seen countless comments and emails from fans who ask us if BMW will ever make such a car, something to compete with the McLarens and Ferraris of the world. Well, while BMW isn’t currently developing a supercar or hypercar, it seems that its competitors over in Affalterbach now have their own.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One debuted in Detroit this week, showing off the brand’s first ever hypercar. This Project One hypercar will be a hybrid, very much like the similarly-named McLaren P1, that will even be capable of 16 miles of pure electric range. But don’t think this hybrid will be aimed at efficiency, as it will pack around 1,000 hp.

Mercedes AMG Project One Teaser 750x500

All of those horsepowers will be developed by easily the most motorsport-bred engine on the market, as Mercedes will use the 1.6 liter V6 hybrid powertrain from its Formula One cars. Mercedes-AMG claims that this powertrain will not only be unbelievably powerful but that it will also be the most efficient hypercar powertrain in the world. With just 1.6 liters, that’s not hard to imagine. And can you imagine the noise this thing will make?

It will also be made with heavy uses of carbon fiber, aluminum and other exotic materials, so it will be extremely light. Using such a small engine will also help keep the weight down and center of gravity low, so it should be crazy quick and also have ultra-fast reflexes. It even looks pretty damn cool.

With a proper F1 powertrain, carbon fiber construction and those low-slung good looks, the Mercedes-AMG Project One could be the closest thing you can get to a Formula One car for the road. With only 300 units being developed and sold at the most, expect this to be one of the excited hypercars the world has seen.