It’s no secret that BMW drivers have a bit of a bad reputation for being inconsiderate and disregarding the rules of the road. Whether true or not, BMW drivers aren’t very well known for being great drivers. Whether it be not parking between the lines, changing lanes without a turn signal or tailgating drivers on the highway, BMW drivers hold a number of stereotypes.

As a BMW driver, and someone who takes pride in driving as properly possible, I actually tend to find these pretty funny. While it’s not necessarily true that BMW drivers automatically drive poorly because they own a BMW, I’m often proven somewhat wrong by many of the BMW drives I see on the road. So there’s possibly a bit of truth to these stereotypes.


So Car Throttle decided to make an educational video on how to be a BMW driver, to help anyone who may be looking to make the jump to the Bavarian brand. This “educational video” features nine lessons which teach the students how be properly drive a BMW. These lessons include such humorous ideas as learning the proper tailgating distance between you and drivers in front, which is one foot if you were wondering. There’s also a lesson on how to dress, which obviously includes a bluetooth headset and reflective sunglasses, as well as a lesson on how to hold the steering wheel, which is of course with one hand.

Obviously, this is meant to be funny and just poking fun at some of the BMW drivers who do actually do these things and abuse the rules of the road. However, no one is saying that all BMW drive like this. Just most of them… But, it’s just a funny, tongue-in-cheek style video, so check it out and have a laugh at the people that do give BMW drivers bad name.