In 2015, Ford shocked the world. Many people knew that Ford was making a new GT to race at Le Mans in 2016 and to do so, Ford would have to homologate it for the road. So it came as a surprise that the car turned out to be quite a looker and one of the most talked cars of 2015. Now Ford brought out the production-ready GT at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and the racing car was once again one of the stars at the show.

Compared to the concept car, the production GT has larger side view mirrors; the reflectors on the front fenders and the headlights have changed slightly, while the fans that sit below the mesh grilles in the scooped out hood are larger.Ford-GT-2016-NAIAS-images-4The front splitter gets two air inlets while the rear diffuser has been also slightly redesigned. The engine now sports a plastic cover with the “EcoBoost” engraved on it.
All the aero parts are made of carbon fiber and Ford will offer two variants – a standard matte carbon fiber, and an optional shinny one.
Ford-GT-2016-NAIAS-images-7All of this is useless if it doesn’t have the firepower to keep up with the Italians. But it does, in spades. 600 horses coming from a 3.5 liter, twin-turbo, mid-mounted V6. Ford promises more than 600 horsepower actually which would put it in competition with the Ferrari 458 Italia and Audi R8.Ford-GT-2016-NAIAS-images-1With a base price around $400,000, the new Ford GT will be limited to 250 units per year. “