Seven Remarkable Design Features On The 2016 BMW 7 Series You Have Missed

7 Series, Models | June 30th, 2015 by 18
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The brand new BMW 7 Series had its world premiere last month and the internet is already buzzing about its design features and technology. Offering a unique blend of sportiness and luxury, the 7 Series was always aimed at owners who require comfort, albeit with a touch of dynamics.

BMW will initially offer four models of 7 Series; the 730d, 740i, the 740e and 750i, all of which will be available in long-wheelbase variants. The North American market will only receive the long wheelbase models which means BMW is aiming towards the highest level of luxury and comfort for the North American customers.

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The 740i and 750i will be rear-wheel drive in standard firn with xDrive being optional for harsh weather climates; though the 740e plug-in hybrid will be xDrive only. All of the models feature some exciting new design features that will put the new 7 Series head-to-head with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

We’ve gathered seven remarkable design features on the new BMW 7 Series:

1. Kidney Grilles

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2. Rear Lights


3. The more prominent signature Hofmeister Kink design


4. Driver oriented center console section


5. Interior ambient lighting


6. Clean aluminum and wood inserts


7.  Luxury Seating Comfort and Rear Executive Lounge Seating packages


18 responses to “Seven Remarkable Design Features On The 2016 BMW 7 Series You Have Missed”

  1. CDspeed says:

    You forgot the great leather work,

  2. Kaisuke971 says:

    No love for the Hockey stick ?

  3. Misha Nikolich says:

    Good article. The new 7er will surely make a statement on the road. The new technology features and overall interior / exterior design is nicely executed.

    I’d also add to the list the shaped side mirrors which extend from the body on a slender stalk. They seem to be inspired by the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      Much thanks! The idea was to show how much the overall design has been improved in most cases, but also to add an emphasis on some particular details. The car looks stunning!

  4. IceDree says:

    I’ve been wondering about the Piano Black finish beneath the wood & surrounded by the Aluminum in the dashboard, is that purely cosmetic & can be spec’d in either Silver Aluminum or Piano Black like the Audi A8? Or is necessary to hide the censors for the iDrive’s Gesture Controls?

    It already contains 2 small screens for the AC

  5. Giom says:

    I love that there are so many design details spread throughout the car. I spend hours dissecting every little detail… and there are plenty. A little line here, an interesting curve there. And I’m sure that once you see the car in person, the number of detail will increase.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      Exactly that! We all noticed how many small features make this a highly relevant vehicle in aesthetic terms, specially with the small details included everywhere. I should personally be seeing the car in person in the forthcoming weeks.

      • Max says:

        I saw it twice yet, it is just amazing. When you see the car in person you will fall in love even more. Definitely the best in class now!

  6. al7oot says:

    Did they get rid of the side cameras in the front bumper?

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