In a photo posted on Facebok today, the German tuner AC Schnitzer is teasing their tuning program for the new BMW i8. The teaser goes something like this: “It’s finally here: the new BMW i8. We are really excited about this fascinating and incredible car. Of course, we look at him very carefully and maybe … “.

It is clear that the tuning shop aims to grab the attention with an aftermarket program for an-already exceptional car and it’s interesting to see what they will achieve.

Remains to be seen what tuning components will come to the market and whether the program will touch both the exterior design and power.


It is quite conceivable that some BMW i8 customers would be willing to accept a slightly higher consumption in exchange for improved performance. A starting point for this is the electric motor, the same unit found in the BMW i3, but underrated in the i8: 131 hp vs 170 hp.