In Los Angeles, California, BMW is hosting the international media launch of the new 2015 BMW i8. Tens, if not hundreds of journalists from around the world, are in LA test driving BMW’s first progressive hybrid sportscar.

We have just completed our test drive and shared our impressions with you, but more coverage will appear in the next few days.

The footage below shows us exactly why the i8 is such a stunning machine and according to everyone present at the event, it has drawn more eyeballs that any other BMW. People are constantly following the i8 cars around, snapping photos, videos or giving thumbs up, mostly courtesy of the impressive exterior design, and its M-like performance, or even supercar performance.


In Germany, the BMW i8 starts at €126,000, while in the UK it will cost £ 99,125. The U.S. market will also get the BMW i8 in 2014 at a base price of $135,700.

Let’s have a look.