Chicago has been hit this winter with heavy snow and extremely cold temperatures. One of the most intense winters in the past decade has been not only rough on the people of Chicago, but also on the cars. During a couple of snowstorms that cars have been literally buried under snow and with snow plowers cleaning around them, things can get pretty bad for that exterior paint.

So if you don’t have a garage or a covered parking spot, what actions can you take to protect your car?

We took our BMW 1M into a snowstorm to test drive the BMW M cover. The car cover can be used for both indoor and outdoor, and it is tailored specifically for the “baby-M”. This car cover will also fit 128i and 135i Coupes (not Convertibles).


Installation of the cover is pretty straightforward, seamless and quick. Simply start with covering the side mirrors first and then pull the cover across the hood and complete the process by covering the front. The lightweight material made from “Weathershield” compact fiber makes the cover to be easy to pack and takes less physical space than conventional car fabrics. It also extremely breathable and upon removing it off the 1M, the paint underneath remained dry.

The price of the BMW 1M cover is $325 and can be ordered from your local dealership of via


BMW 1M Cover Specs

  • Made from “Weathershield” high-performance fabric.
  • Compact fiber – will store using 25-50% less space than conventional car cover fabrics.
  • Weatherproof – this fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover.
  • Superior Dry Time – because the fiber sheds water, “Weathershield” has only a 2% absorption factor compared to over 40% absorption by standard fabrics. A quick shake and the cover is ready to be stored dry.
  • Breathable – no buildup of condensation is held on the paint surface.
  • Protects against dirt, dust, environmental influences and scratches.
  • Durable – solution-dyed material with built-in UV inhibitors, including an added UV inhibitor for years of protection from the harsh sun.
  • Easy care – this fabric can be washed in your home washer and dryer, unlike other car cover fabrics.
  • Convenient sewn-in storage bag for protection.
  • Helps to maintain the value of the car.
  • Original BMW Accessories are warranted for the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period (4 Years/50,000 miles) when the installation occurs before the first delivery of a new vehicle. If the Original BMW Accessories installation occurs after the first delivery, the accessory will be warranted for the balance of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period or two years and unlimited mileage from the date of installation, whichever is greater.