“It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s different. You can feel it.” This is how BMW describes the upcoming i8 hybrid sportscar.

Recently U.S. magazine AutomobileMag named the BMW i8 as the 2014 Design Of The Year. The car sits on a long wheelbase and it has short overhangs, a typical BMW design feature. The front appears extremely low and wide, and the super hybrid went through an extensive aerodynamic optimization. At the same time, the flat, but prominent double kidney grill makes this vehicle’s origins clear. A V-shaped ‘black belt’ starts on the bonnet and dynamically wraps around the bodyshell to the rear.

2015 bmw i8 chicago auto show 22 750x500

Viewed from the side, the exaggerated wedge shape, the long drawn-out lines and the flat silhouette underscore the dynamics and looks of a supercar. From the front to the rear, the car has a very dynamic, three-dimensional appearance. Surfaces and lines overlap and interlock, a method known as ‘layering’. This joins all the surfaces harmoniously and allows compact and unbelievably agile look. Its monolithic appearance lends the BMW i8 its extraordinarily powerful stature.

Without any further ado, here is the BMW i8: