The Toyota FT-1 Concept debuts in Detroit this week. The new super sporty concept was originally conceived to be a new car in the Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo 6 racing simulation game, but after Akio Toyoda, the automaker’s CEO drove the car in the game, the green light was given to the FT-1 Concept.

Technical details of the vehicle aren’t being released, but it’s billed as a powerhouse. The prototype’s engine is in the front, with a window in the hood to showcase what’s underneath.

toyota ft 1 detroit auto show 08 750x500

This new concept shows that the company is bringing back sports car design, such as it used to have with the Celica. In 2001, Toyota launched the Scion FR-S, under a joint project with Subaru.

Large air intakes grace the front and sides of the FT-1, the former to feed the engine and the latter to cool the brakes. Likewise, a rear diffuser and automatic spoiler lend to aerodynamic force to handling.

LED headlights give the front of the FT-1 a high-tech look, giving a hint as to cabin electronics features.

Here is a photo gallery: