DyCom Group, a BMW dealership from Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, embarked on a quest of their own to integrate the two seemingly very different worlds of premium quality cars and quality original art. The idea behind the project started by providing a visual artist with a brand new BMW car and let him creative freedom to transform it in a unique color picture.

Czech artist Andy Reiben, who represents an international portfolio of artworks BUYFEEL, was invited to participate in this project.

FLUIDUM is based on the new F30 3 Series which was painted in a vibrant, colorful and unique work of art. To create this, Reiben used a number of specific painting pigments that significantly use the light and angle of view. In addition to iridescent and fluorescent paints, Reiben used on the entire surface of the car photo luminescent paints which make the car phosphoresce in the dark thus creating a completely new and different artistic experience and appearance.

BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM by Andy Reiben 02 655x436

The author gave his work the name “FLUIDUM” which expresses particular charm and charisma of a personality or a place. “It really is a strange feeling when you as a painter are standing in front of the hood of a beautiful black car and you are to make the first dot by the brush, which then will dance about the body to your notes and ideas and will turn everything in brilliant colour artwork,” says Reiben. “I love cars, speed and adrenaline.”

The official introduction of Fluidum will take place this Spring.

BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM by Andy Reiben 01 655x655