Earlier this year, Swiss watchmaker BALL Watch announced an exclusive partnership with BMW. The cooperation was said to focus on creating a limited edition series of watches that combine the core values of the two companies: safety and performance.

The aesthetic design of these exceptional timepieces will pay homage to various distinctive hallmarks of BMW’s vehicles. The new BALL and BMW timepieces will incorporate a revolutionary anti-shock system.

Ahead of their market launch, the watch-centric website aBlogtoRead.com gives us a review of the highly expected watches.


At launch there will be many Ball BMW watches available, with one being a limited edition. Pictured in this article are just a few. Most of the watches use base Swiss ETA mechanical automatic movements with a range of basic features in addition to the time. You can see models here with a power reserve indicator for example. There will also be a GMT model and others in addition to a basic three-hand model. The limited edition version (of 1000 pieces) will feature Ball’s special “TMT” mechanical thermometer module that it has used on some other watches in the past.

The most basic model will be a 40mm wide Ball BMW watch with a simple dial that includes a large BMW logo. This model to me looks the most like IWC’s Ingenieur timepieces. Other models add in colors and textures to the dial for a look that is meant to go with the sportiest BMW car models.

Read the full review and also the press release issued earlier this year.

RTEmagicC 12 0919 BW lim ed 01.jpg

Press Release:

Independent Swiss watchmaker BALL Watch Company and German automaker BMW sign an exclusive agreement.

@BALL Watch Company and BMW share the same values, especially a passion for precision mechanical engineering, an undeniable spirit of innovation and constant attention to technical and aesthetic excellence.

Through their quest for perfection, precision and expertise, the watchmaking and automobile worlds are an ideal match.

As pioneer of chronometry standards, BALL Watch Company is worldwide known for having set the official standard watch of the American railroads. It was therefore an obvious step for BALL Watch Company and the legendary German automaker BMW to sign an exclusive cooperation agreement.

This natural union, based on the exchange of expertise and resources between the two brands to drive per-formance, aesthetics and precision, will in particular lead to the design of a BALL & BMW collection reflect-ing an assertive and decidedly contemporary spirit.

A new generation of timekeeping instruments with a strong personality, created to pass the test of time while ensuring the pleasure of unsurpassable comfort: that very same pleasure that all drivers experience behind the wheel of a BMW.

To cement and assert the determination defining this association, the watchmaking firm will be injecting the full scope of its expertise: COSC certification for all models in the collection, technological optimization and innovations, aesthetic refinement and balanced proportions.

Dedicated to the automotive world and aficionados of mechanical engineering excellence, the new BALL & BMW timepieces will incorporate various technical feats, especially a revolutionary anti-shock system. The BALL Watch Company’s exclusive patented Amortiser® system will protect the movement against extreme shocks. This exploit of micro-mechanical engineering, inspired by the automotive world, features a shock-absorbing protection ring – also anti-magnetic – enveloping the movement. Safety and performance combined: another two core values shared by BALL Watch Company and BMW.

The aesthetic design of these exceptional timepieces will pay homage to various distinctive hallmarks of BMW’s vehicles. A line based on the lightness that is typical of the German automaker’s dynamism.

BALL Watch Company and BMW have shared values that they will faithfully promote through this new association.

The new BALL & BMW collection will be made available this summer through a network of selective retailers.