M genes as standard: the BMW M Performance Automobiles

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In spring 2012, BMW M GmbH will unveil a new product range for drivers seeking a particularly sporty driving experience, yet who also value the …

In spring 2012, BMW M GmbH will unveil a new product range for drivers seeking a particularly sporty driving experience, yet who also value the familiar comfort and practicality of BMW models. The BMW M Performance Automobiles offer exclusive engine variants, noticeably enhanced agility and outstanding precision on the road, plus design laced with emotional appeal.

The harmonious interplay of engine output, power transfer, chassis technology and aerodynamic balance provides a captivating showcase for the familiar M genes – in day-to-day driving and beyond. The BMW M Performance Automobiles will be presented to the global public for the first time at the International Geneva Motor Show 2012 which takes place from 8 – 18 March.

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The BMW M Performance Automobiles represent a totally new model category none of its rivals can offer. Only the high-performance sports cars from BMW M GmbH provide a more convincing execution of an overall concept focused on inspirational driving dynamics. “We are targeting our efforts at customers looking for more emotionality and more performance, but who don’t want to forgo the everyday usability of their cars,” said Dr Friedrich Nitschke, President of BMW M GmbH. Nitschke announced plans for further additions to the new product line-up, referring to “a range including a wide variety of model series, as well as both petrol and diesel-engined variants”. The intelligent all-wheel-drive system BMW xDrive would also play a significant role in the BMW M Performance Automobiles, he added.

2011 will go down as one of the most successful years for BMW M GmbH since the company was founded. In addition to the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, which marked BMW M GmbH’s first ever foray into the premium compact segment, last year also saw the successful introduction of the new BMW M5. The imminent arrival of the BMW M Performance Automobiles provides 2012 – which will also feature the world premiere of the new BMW M6, among others – with an early highlight.

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“The BMW M Performance Automobiles benefit from the full expertise of BMW M GmbH,” explained Nitschke. The BMW Group subsidiary can call on decades of motor sport experience when it comes to translating outstanding engine power into excellent dynamics. This development expertise also imbues the BMW M Performance Automobiles with their distinctive character.

The models in the new product category follow in the tyre tracks of the BMW M535i, which was unveiled in 1980 and went on to capture the hearts of performance-minded customers with its extra power, precisely tuned chassis technology and subtly modified design. A fresh addition to the BMW 5 Series ranks, the Sedan remained a highly successful member of the line-up through two model generations and – up to 1987 – with the BMW M5 for company within the range. “Our aim with the BMW M Performance Automobiles is to continue this tradition,” confirmed Nitschke.

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15 responses to “M genes as standard: the BMW M Performance Automobiles”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the e46 ZHP too.  That’d be awesome with the F30.  I’m looking at the F30 but feel the M package as currently offered isn’t going to give me what I want out of the car – higher performance but not exactly M car insanity.  

  2. milklizard says:

    This is essentially what they already did to the m lineup by making them bigger and heavier.

    But maybe this is a good thing and they can go back to making m cars more driver oriented now that they have something to satisfy all the whiny babies out there with bad backs that need sat nav to figure out where they’re going.

  3. 88E30M3 says:

    M continues to be diluted.  M no longer stands for Motorsport.  It stands for Marketing…

  4. Mose121 says:

    BMW M Performance Automobiles?  What a joke!!!  It either is a ///M car or it’s not.  The only reason there ever was a M535 is because there was no such thing as a ///M car at that time.  BMW is not continuing any traditions; they’re just diluting the ///M brand with cars that are nowhere near deserving of the ///M badge and completely ignoring what the real tradition is…building performance cars without compromise.  Why don’t you just start calling the ///M brand AMG and save us all the trouble of watching our sacred brand wither and die.  The current direction of this company makes me sick.

    • Anonymous says:

      The M1 came out in ’78, the first M535i in ’79.

      • Mose121 says:

        That’s true, I stand corrected.  Although BMW had some help with the design of the M1 by Giugiaro, so technically you could argue that the M535 was the first ground up BMW designed M car ;-)

        • Anonymous says:

          Wasn’t the M1 originally destined to be a Lambo?  For me though the reason why it qualifies is the drivetrain not so much the body.  The M88 was born in the M1 whereas the original M535i had a standard BMW six with some ///M fettling. 
          I’m actually quite excited about the M Performance cars as they will allow some more creativity without pissing off the diehards.  People would be mortified if the M5 came with a canal boat engine but a M550dx sounds like a great idea.  I see this as competition for the Audi S models whereas the ‘proper’ Ms get to play in the same sandbox as the RSs.

          • Mose121 says:

            Lamborghini was going to build the M1, but it was still going to be a BMW.  Then Lambo went broke and BMW literally had to break into the facility and steal important molds and parts back so they could bring production in house and not lose everything. 

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh cool, interesting story!

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