The BMW Group in the UK (BMW and MINI combined) has reported a rise of 8.78 per cent in its 2011 sales increasing from 153,312 to 166,780 vehicles compared to 2010, and against a market which has seen overall sales fall by just over four per cent.  BMW Group market share for the year increased to a record 8.59 per cent. The Group has seen sales in December of 11,813 vehicles, a decrease of 2.74 per cent from the 12,147 vehicles sold in the same period in 2010.  The overall market fell by four per cent in December.

“We have seen strong sales growth from BMW Group in the UK this year with sales exceeding 166,000 vehicles.  BMW has not only secured its position as the UK’s top premium brand in 2011 but has also recorded its second highest ever sales result in the UK,” said Tim Abbott, Managing Director of BMW Group UK.

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“Both BMW and MINI brands have outperformed the market and in particular we have seen significant growth coming from the company car market where BMW saw sales increase by10 per cent to a new record level.  Driven by particularly strong demand for the BMW 5 Series, there has also been considerable incremental growth from the latest X3 and X1 ranges.  MINI has also achieved record UK sales and market share thanks to strong performances from the MINI Countryman and the new MINI Coupé.

“Although the 2012 outlook is challenging, we are going into the year with the youngest product portfolio in the premium sector and we remain cautiously optimistic, “Abbott concluded.

BMW Brand Sales

In 2011, sales of BMW brand vehicles increased by 6.60 per cent with a total of 116,642 vehicles representing 6.01 per cent of the UK market.  This is the second highest BMW UK sales figure with a record market share, and comes in the year that the company sold its two millionth vehicle since establishing its wholly-owned UK sales subsidiary in 1980.

Sales of the BMW 5 Series range increased by 35 per cent over the year with strong demand in the corporate sales sector for the low emission, highly tax-efficient 520d model which remains a popular choice for both company car drivers and fleet operators.  With more than 5,000 sales, the new X3 has seen demand outstrip supply throughout the year. Already out-selling its predecessor, the new BMW 1 Series 5-door has become the best-selling 1 Series model with sales of over 16,000, and is now established as a key vehicle in both the retail and corporate sectors.

BMW’s sales in the corporate sector rose to record levels in 2011 with an increase of 10 per cent over 2010 volumes against a rise of just four per cent in overall fleet sales.

Looking ahead, the company is four weeks away from the first customer deliveries of the new BMW 3 Series which has already received excellent feedback.

MINI Brand Sales

Recording its highest ever UK sales since launch in 2001 and capturing a record2.58per cent of the market, MINI was the 10th best-selling car in the UK in 2011 with sales of 50,138 vehicles, an increase of more than14per cent compared to 2010.

Offering a combination of sporty performance, low running costs and class-leading residual values, the UK’s favourite premium small car has continued to attract more customers despite the economic downturn.

The MINI Countryman has established itself firmly in the UK market with nearly 13,000 customer taking delivery during 2011.  The Countryman is also becoming recognised as the first real MINI corporate sales contender with sales to a number of small and medium sized businesses.  Launched in October, MINI Coupé has already become popular with customers with sales of more than 1,300 vehicles since October.

BMW Group UK sales: January to December 2011:

December 2011% market shareDecember 2010% market share% changeYear to date 2011% market shareYear to date 2010% market share% change
Total BMW Group11,8139.9112,1479.81-2.74166,7808.59153,3127.558.