It’s fair to say that a large number of automotive enthusiasts are young in age. It’s also fair to say that younger generations are not very sentimental, abandoning tradition as fast as you can say, “i-pod.” Of course, for altruistic drivers the world over, tradition is what we cling to. The most important philosophies of design are endangered as modern standards for comfort and safety make cars increasingly bloated, heavy and numb.

Every so often we are presented with a car that appeals to tradition, one that reminds us of the iconic cars we once drove, or the ones we would most love to drive. Enter the Mini Cooper Mayfair edition, a celebration of 50 golden years spent behind the wheel of some truly invigorating cars.


Special attention is paid to the interior design and upholstery. Classic fog lamps are added above the bumper line and a “50” badge proudly displayed on the front grill. Lettered doorsills greet you upon entry and exit. Gorgeous Toffy leather with two-tone green stitching sets the tone inside and feels rich and supple to the touch. Exclusive 17” “Infinite Stream” wheels round out the package.

For those who are not ready to move on from the fond memories of old, this could be your car. The Mini Cooper Mayfair was on display in Toronto at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show.


Also present at the Show in Toronto was Mini’s Camden edition, a 50-year anniversary model that celebrates the future while encompassing Mini’s classic design lines. Futuristic colors and materials round out the interior while exclusive 17” “Silver Shield” wheels are found at all four corners.

Please enjoy our exclusive picture gallery from Toronto highlighting the Mayfair’s vintage appeal and tasteful design. A few shots of the Camden highlight its modern appeal.

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Photo credit Shawn Molnar