We’re assuming you’re not tired of the BMW Vision Concept…okay, at least for now, so please bare with us. Continuing the coverage from the Frankfurt Auto Show, we decided to go back and snap some more shots of the innovative and breathtaking Vision EfficientDynamics Concept.

VED is one of the reason why we went to the Frankfurt Auto Show and our efforts have bee rewarded by this phenomenal looking concept. The exterior design does not disappoint and once again, photos don’t do any justice. Despite being a concept at this point, sources close to BMW talk about future models that MIGHT borrow some technologies and design cues from the Vision Concept.


For those of you that were wondering where the engine sits in this car, BMW informed us that three cylinder turbodiesel engine is placed right before the trunk, near the rear-end. That’s all from Frankfurt, at least for now, but we will be back tomorrow with more photos and exclusive interviews.