Formula 1: BMW Sauber scores point at Valencia

Racing | August 23rd, 2009 by 3

While we’re still mourning after BMW announced the “retreat” from Formula 1 Championship, the BMW Sauber team managed to score a point at European Grand Prix in Valencia.

This is the first point since the Turkish Grand Prix which ended a three races run with no points.

Robert Kubica finished eighth in Valencia while Nick Heidfeld finished 11th. Rubens Barrichello, Brawn GP, won the race, ahead of McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton.

Robert Kubica: 8th
Fastest lap 1:39.374 min on lap 55 (8th fastest overall)
“I had to start the race from a very bad position as I was in the middle of the pack and we were all very close together in the first corners. Unfortunately I was not able to make up positions at the start, and I even lost a place to Nick. But then during the race my pace was good. Although my stints were shorter, I was even able to overtake Mark Webber during his final pit stop, which was very good.”

Nick Heidfeld: 11th
Fastest lap 1:39.704 min on lap 53 (13th fastest overall)
“For me the result is rather disappointing because it doesn’t reflect what I was able to achieve today. After a good start I was able to match the pace of the guys in front of me, but I let Robert by because he was on a lower fuel load. Then I had to defend my position against Adrian Sutil and lost contact with the front group. This turned out to be crucial, because after his pit stop Heikki Kovalainen came out in front of me and I could not take any advantage from my car being lighter at this stage.”

Mario Theissen, BMW Motorsport Director: “Despite being in a very difficult situation with BMW pulling out of the sport, the team really did a very good job all weekend. Starting tenth and 11th on the grid was already a big improvement compared to the previous races. In the race Robert was able to move up to eighth and score a point. Actually Nick had the better chances to make his way up to the front from 11th on the grid because of the strategy he was able to choose. But he got stuck in traffic and therefore couldn´t demonstrate what he was capable of. The result gives us a boost for the next races and the development packages planned up to the end of the season.”

[Source: F1Technical ]

3 responses to “Formula 1: BMW Sauber scores point at Valencia”

  1. X5SoB says:

    It would figure. I’m sure I mirror many other opinions when I say it is a real shame that BMW is getting out of F1. It may not be the showcase for EfficientDynamics, but it is the pinnacle of automotive competition, and BMW needs to be represented to be considered the best auto company.

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