Be A Designer: We will draw the BMW 7 Series just the way you want to

Be a designer | August 17th, 2009 by 48
bmw 7 bd 02 750x500

After the huge success of the first Be A Designer project (BMW 3 Series Sedan redesign), there were many requests that we should continue down …

After the huge success of the first Be A Designer project (BMW 3 Series Sedan redesign), there were many requests that we should continue down the same path and give you, our readers, and any other BMW fans the opportunity to express your opinion regarding the design lines of a BMW production model.

The project is a joint venture between your BMWBLOG, and rendering artist Andrei Arvavarii and it is sponsored by Classic BMW Ohio who believed in this project and continues to support it.

Today, we are back with a new challenge, even more exciting in our opinion. After you successfully managed to redraw the exterior design of the current 3 Series Sedan, we offer a new opportunity: based on YOUR ideas and input, our rendering artist will draw the new BMW 7 Series just they way you you want to.

bmw 7 bd 01 654x436

bmw 7 bd 02 654x436

It remains to be seen if the new design language created by the BMW designers for the 7 Series would be embraced by you or once again, some modifications might be needed.

While the new BMW 7 Series has been less controversial than the previous “banglelized” model, the fifth generation 7 Series has still received its fair share of criticism.

The new 7 was launched last summer and it was meant to replace the more conservative design we have seen in the fourth generation. The design of the new flagship sedan is more adventurous and brings back some of the much needed sporty design lines.

The first model launched in 1977 and it has always been offered in a four dour configuration only. Throughought the time, the BMW 7 Series was the high-end model which introduced a series of innovative technologies in the BMW line-up.

Another innovation brought by the 7 Series was in the hydrogen area with the 100 limited edition 7 Series, most of them driven by high profile personalities and actors, from the Munich Mayor, to Albert, Prince of Monaco and actors like Brad Pitt and Hillary Swank.

But the latest innovation comes from the recently revealed BMW ActiveHybrid 7, a mild hybrid that puts it at the top in the hybrid sedans market.

We are ready for your input, so what would you change about the new BMW 7 Series?

This project was brought to you by Classic BMW, Willoughby Hill, Ohio.

48 responses to “Be A Designer: We will draw the BMW 7 Series just the way you want to”

  1. Delaney says:

    This is real great opportunity even though I can’t draw but for the one’s who can, this will be a great opportuinity. BMW is the best and it needs to stay the best! I have been following BMW since 1983 when my father was stationed in Germany. Europe was nice and I came a custom to BMW because my father had one and it was fast! Good luck to artist’s that participate

  2. Victor says:

    i like the back part of BMW, but need to change the front part. it’s so boring. maybe work with a bumper and Headlamps? and make nostrils smaller?


  3. Victor says:

    add bumper like in M models

  4. Lariv says:

    Add a more agresive bumper similar to the M Sport one but without the chrome. Also quad exhausts could be added and have larger alloy wheels. There isn’t a lot wrong with the 7 Series but don’t add LED lights. THey ruined the W221 S Class.

  5. BmwM5Fan says:

    about the bumper, eiither like m models, or the front bumper from AC Schnitzer (but i would really like to see it as a complete detail, You will understand me if u compare the current m5 bumper and m-technik bumper of the 5 series)

  6. Giom says:

    Great, here we go again!

    I have grown to like the Seven so much, that I wouldn’t change alot. But, the one thing that is not growing on me is the front air intake.

    I would like to see a very simple but elegant front bumper/air intake. One wide opening with nice subtle detailing on the edges. No chrome inset.

    Thanks, looking forward!

  7. Hantra says:

    First things first. . .go back to incorporating the grill into the hood. That was so much more pleasing to the eye. Now there’s just this abrupt gap there.

  8. Vaybach Khan says:

    well its little less creative project from last one,cause we could say what we would like next 3er to look…and this 7er for now i want change much..
    this project for me is more like how would you customize it? well if thats the question then
    1st i would like to see it 7er in some kind of red or even netter in blue..
    2nd tint the windows..
    3rd sharpen the headlights top angle..
    4th black out the rear lights…
    5th offcourse change bumper to M without chrome…
    6th put a after market crazy same colored rims…
    so i want change design …just some modifications….

  9. Jukos says:

    Front part: Change headlamps in a way that they are on 5 GT series.

  10. JL328i says:

    i would like to see more dramatic side panels, the ones are the car now are to boring imo. maybe lower the belt line in tad, and decrease the shapness of the belt line crease, while perhaps making it a little bigger?
    also: shaper headlamps, a more agressive front bumper, smaller more angular grilles. nicer wheels, rocker panels that dont curve under. maybe do something about the trunk portion of the taillamps, make them less square- maybe something similar to the E92. and make the hofmeister kink a bit kinkier ;)

  11. Horatiu B. says:

    I’m actually surprise that no one complains about the large front grille, that was the biggest complaint I’ve seen for months

  12. badger says:

    fix the front bumper
    its very boring
    maybe make the kidney grills a bit smaller and add some design curves into the bumper

  13. Bryce says:

    The 7 series is already a pretty clean looking car. There’s not much I would change and still use the 7 badge.

    On the other hand, I think that the 7 series platform could be used to make a new model of BMW. One thing that I would really like to see in a BMW or BMW Concept is the vertical twin grills, like the kind used on the 328’s produced between 1936 and 1940. Technically, the Rolls-Royce platform would probably be better but I thought that the Rolls and the 7 were on pretty similar platforms.

    As for additions to the 7 series itself, I’m a little disappointed in how vanilla it is compared to the Mercedes CLS-550. I hate comparing a Mercedes to a BMW, but this is the first time in my lifetime that Mercedes is making better looking cars than BMW, in my opinion. If the C-pillar to the 7-series were more angled and the cabin made to look a bit more aggressive like the CLS then this car could be truly beautiful.

  14. FAS says:

    The 7 series should have a second super deluxe model besides the current one with a extended wheelbase and cool retro looks.

    Just like this,

  15. Mike Messer says:

    This took me a while to write (sorry if I repeated what others said). I hope many of you also share in my design thought. So here you go…

    1. Redesign the hood so it has something similar to the new V shaped “power bulge” on it. But not quite the full length of the hood since it’s already a long car and does not need to look longer.

    2. Bring the handle line on the doors down about 2 inches to make the door and overall car appear lower.

    3. Make the Kidney Grills smaller (at least shorten the height/ leave the width; similar to the new Z4’s)

    4. The side skirts need a little more definition and the door should be the flatter part. (The skirt is completely flat compared to my e46 325xi). Also, bring the total height of the side skirt up slightly and shorten the total door’s height (maybe about 1 – 1 1/2 inches).

    5. The front intakes on the bumper are too open. Make them more like the Z4’s how they come in towards the center on the inner part of the brake duct (derived off the ///M models). I would really like to see a hybrid of an ///M bumper and the Z4’s.

    6. The taillights upper line should be at the same level as the chrome accent bar that goes across the width of the trunk also not a fan of the chrome bar. Integrate the reverse light into the the red light on the trunk. And also bring the base line of all the taillights up a little to also make the car seem lower and wider (similar to the e9X coupe).

    7. Delete the rear deflectors on the bumper.

    8. Make the vertical seam between the rear bumper and rear quarter panel slightly less vertical/not as noticeable.

    9. Make a smoother transition between the trunk lid and the rear quarter panels to get ride of that “Bangle” design. Also, make the lip on the trunk lid slightly less rounded. Maybe incorporate a more CSL-esque lip?

    10. ACS rear diffuser (or something similar). Also delete the incorporated tail-pipes an have just a cutout for them. The oval shape is also not my favorite, so maybe quad pipes (BMW did use quad-pipes on all of their stock e31s for you naysayers about having quad-pipes on a non-M).

    11. Lower the ride height by about 1 inch.

    12. 30% tint on everything but the windshield.

    And I think that may be everything (I would still love to have a supercharged e38 740i with a 6-spd and ZSP).

    • Mike Messer says:

      Also, I didn’t say anything about the wheels because honestly if you can afford this car you can probably also buy just about any set of wheels out on the market.

      But I would love to see a set of the newly redesigned wheels that are like the style 37’s (not sure if they are 18″ or 19″, but they should be 19″ for this car. They’re used on the 3 series performance package); or a 19″ redesigned version of the style 42’s (not the like the style 101’s); or style 312’s (also 19″, not the current 21″). Non of the wheels should have a lip larger than 1 – 1 1/2 inches (if at all).

  16. L1ndja says:

    i Think this is the most beautiful 7series ever made and i wouldnt change anything at this design.I would just like to see bigger rims and Star-like desing like the one in the Hamann version.I have even accepted the large kidney grills which i wasnt to sure but now live them.
    One of the best veichles bmw has ever produced.

  17. Bryce says:

    I agree with Mike that the rear deflectors and chrome bar need to go. Also, the rear definitely needs a diffuser or something of the sort, but I happen to really like incorporated tail-pipes.

    Another thing that hasn’t been mentioned, this car doesn’t appear to have a sunroof. I wonder if BMW could make a glass canopy top. A lot of SUV’s are doing the large second sunroof and I wonder if that would work on a car as large as the 7, except make it a moonroof. It would give it the cool look of the M3 roof with the cool functionality of being able to see the sky.

    • Mike Messer says:

      I didn’t even notice anything about the sunroof; good call! Then again, my sunroof has been broken since I’ve own my car (almost 2 years), I don’t even use mine.

  18. Neal Pratt says:

    Make the grills like the 335i, and give it CS headlights.

  19. AiRit says:

    I would like the tail lights to be longer but narrower kind of like e92.


  20. Timur says:

    Sorry if I repeated what others said
    1 – Vertical bands of the kidney grills to do wider and chrome-plate as on Z4. It will give the solidity and aggressiveness.
    2 – Change the form of the front headlights, do them expressiveness, sharply, more clear.
    3 – Shadow line – not much well, since chromed lines emphasizes the beauty of Hoffmayster’ line.
    4 – Rear part to make over completely, because it looks like Lexus LS

  21. AutoCritical says:

    Awesome! i love this segment!
    How about for the C-Pillar, having to extend it further back more, so it looks more coupe like. Overall size would be the same still…

  22. nabil says:

    make both kidney grills a bit smaller.

    make the grills inside the kidney more fierce by making them bolder and a fewer less of them , maybe making them chrome and bigger in width.

    make the front bumper a more agressive and more m style front.

    change the headlights so they are a bit more bigger than its usual.

    rims need 2 b bigger.

    crease in the side of the car from where the door handles are.

    side sports spolierskirts.

    add hole vents on the bonnet.

    another 2 creases in the bonnet liek the new 3 series upgrade.

    also add to bumps on either side of the headlight to sit on so it gives it that sportier look(sorta like raised eyebrows) but not tooo big..

    also tint the windows on all sides expt the front.

  23. Ali saadi yassen says:

    Hello every body really i’ll never still stand on this great and honorable opportunitty . i have 2 seven series and i’m very interested about them . really 7-series GOD of all cars on earth / i can draw it with all pride but how can i paste the pics on this fabulous site PLESAE again PLEASE PLEASE someone learn me rapidly i’ll waitting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    some one mailing me

  24. Vaybach Khan says:

    wtf many of u r wryly bmw fans…its all new design with traditional look…and you have so much to change! i dont dig it….

  25. Bryce says:

    Vaybach, if you’re saying that you don’t like that we would change so much then it’s probably because you prefer the more traditional/conservative look of the vehicle. I personally prefer a sporty looking vehicle that looks fast and displays the racing heritage of the marque over the traditional/conservative look of a limousine. While the 7 series is the closest thing BMW will come to producing a limousine, I think all of the designs are getting a bit too conservative. I am also from a different generation than the prospective 7-series customer since I was born in the 1980’s, hence I prefer a more modern look than those older than me.

    Personally, I think BMW should design it’s cars so that the smallest are the most radical and the largest are the most conservative. Unfortunately, the 1 series is about the least radical design BMW offers. I would like to see new design ideas start with the one series, then add the positive design elements to the three series sedan, then the three series coupe, then the 5 series, and then the 7 series. I’m afraid that Mercedes may have jumped ahead of BMW in terms of modern design elements.

  26. lovebmw says:

    1: Wheels of concept cs.
    2: remove the rear chrome strip on the trunks
    3: rear direction without diod! But to replace the orange
    žovo flashing strip ..
    4: Remove the rear bumper reflective glasses ..
    5: lateral line similar to CS concept car! Such as decreasing the roof more and larger doors and thinner
    glass ..
    6: Rear-view mirrors better shaped in the style of concept cs somewhat
    7: Front bumper for example, more aggressive. as CS concept car … because the front looks so vapidly ….
    8: The front hood shape in little more
    aggressive …
    9: a bit closer to the front grill
    to look more aggressive
    10: if the car was a little wider but it is not about

  27. T. says:

    Remember you are designing first and foremost a BMW. Not a BMW M or an aftermarket package for a BMW , a BMW. That is why you should concentrate on the job in hand . Many people come to BMW with the hope of designing a BMW but the concentrate on the more expansive angles of a BMW. All these dots are connected after a BMW is designed to the approval of the BMW Board of Directors , then you can work to the specification of a performance packet or indeed an M car.

    Of course it is evident that a BMW on it’s own has to look good and retain the dimensions the engineers have set and of course the packaging.
    This is one failure that Mercedes-Benz have with the new E-Klasse.
    Many say the car does not look good unless you add the AMG and Avantgarde package. and berate the original design with the twin fog lamps . That is the original design and to make the E-Klasse acceptable to many you have to add the optional or additional packets. So this means that they do not like the car unless they add the accessories. At BMW our aerodynamic and m sport packages are there to compliment the car but it is equally important that the car fullfills all requirements before resorting to additional options.

    A BMW at first incarnation has to be a BMW.

  28. nabil says:

    thanks t. all that time into nothin.

  29. Corbin says:

    I think the kidney grills look rediculous!!! up close in real life they look so cheap and cheesy! I cant believe they did this, the new 7 sereis looks like A lexus ES I believe it is hit a big and just blended it all into a bmw!? it really does the grills make the front look like a little piggy and the rear with the blended tail pipes and what not looks like a high class lexus! terrible when I can aford a 7-series I’m going to go for a 06-08 :::PEOPLE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY CONCLUSION::: =]

  30. Horatiu B. says:

    Keep it coming guys, a few more days before the designer collects the ideas

  31. Bryce McKenney says:


    I really don’t see a whole lot of similarities between the ES and the 7-series. I can see what you’re saying about it looking like a “little piggy” because of the ‘nostrils’ of the kidney grill, but if you don’t like it then I’m not sure how you could like any BMW. The kidney grill is iconic BMW, and to get rid of it would ruin the most distinctive feature of a BMW. Not only that, but what would you replace it with? If you think the front grill of the ES would look better then I think you’re mistaken. You’re free to like the 06-08 more than the new ones, but this thread is supposed to be about what you would like to see changed on the new 7, and I don’t see any of that in your post.

  32. Victor says:

    Let’s try to design BMW 750 Ci – coupe ;) and will kill CL-class ;)

  33. Great comments guys. It will be a a pleasure working with them. Special thanks to Mike Messer and his extensive analysis.

    • Mike Messer says:

      I truly love BMWs and I would hate to see a few years of not-so-great designs bring down such a great manufacturer! I hope BMW corporate follows up on some of these ideas.

  34. Ramon Juarez says:

    ·7 series hybrid concept bumper.
    ·coupeish look
    .smaller kidneys

  35. nabil says:

    change the side mirros, make them rounder rather then squared off!

  36. nabil says:

    the back windshield needs the chrome frame ( like the side window framing)

  37. Bryce McKenney says:

    I would also like to see the “Hofmeister kink” come to a point farther back on the c-pillar. I think it would make the cabin look more aggressive.

  38. Corbin says:

    Bryce McKenney,

    Hey no trust me I’m like the biggest fan of beemers! I just meant how they changed the girll and made it somewhat taller?! and In person you can see what looks like cheap hmm plastic I guess I could call it piece running in the back of it horizontally (it looks nothing like the old seven series) and I am also kinda disagreeing with how BMW is taking in the eye lid look on its newer cars Mercedes which is my most mated car make did have that first i’ll give them that! But BMW should be able to come up with something better!

  39. Slickeight says:

    The intake is definitley not attractive…It kind of reminds me of a catfish out of water..I think there should be a sportier option, if not, just completely changed..It should have the appeal of the M3,the Z4,or even the zero concept..longer wheelbase,larger wheels,less chrome.The interior styling is nice,maybe a slight instrument panel adjustment, add the rear of the 6 series and more color options and a little more horsepower..beautiful!!…Will there ever be another 850?…I was fascinated by it when it first came was crisp n powerfull..I’m a fan of the six series but the 850 had way more class..

  40. iam an architecture student ,….
    1)redesigning the hood in may ways:
    -make it lower
    -its shape like one peace, like u can start from bmw sign 2 lines from the middle 2 the end of the hood where it look like it started the window.
    -making some openings
    -let the hood show that the lights had came out of it.
    2)front bumper
    -make the 2 opening that make bmw spacial i dont know its name maybe Kidney Grills. smaller ,lighted,more clear lined maybe sharper with a new degree angel ,or like the z4 main point smaller less hight same width .i
    -the lights make them more sharper, smaller,coming out of the motors like the hood and the bumper are one peace, remove the upper selver line or put it higher than the base 2cm .
    -the lower part of the bumper look like a hole, so shift it down 2 half of it and then cut the lower half
    3)change the color its good but how of royle blue or turned of black.
    4)low all the car a little bet .
    5) change the chrome part”between the door and the wheel” to a vertical element or an opening
    6)tint the windows “hue 40-50 %”.
    7)make the line over the back wheels more displayed on the body of the car
    8)hide the antenna thats on the roof its odd.
    9) replace the exotic pipes higher where the lights above them.
    10)the back lights look good but they look not as it one part, make them crystaled and the 3 lines show up with small circle lights on them like the slr722.
    11)make the lower back bamper arched from the exotic pipes 5 -8 cm
    12) theirs a line lower back bamper upon the exotic pipes and the lights upon them
    -enter some black between them
    -it looks 2 layers try to make them one with the bumper and the body
    13) low the car 3-4 cm will make it perfect
    14)if this car desgined for europ make the roof glassed.
    i can sketch what i wrote.
    iam good sketcher for bmw cars its my hobby i want to show my skills in designing cars by fast sketching , please send me on my email .
    iam intrested to work for bmw.

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