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Gabriel at has posted an interesting review on the upcoming BMW 135i. In the past few days, many new reviews have come out, including …

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Gabriel at has posted an interesting review on the upcoming BMW 135i. In the past few days, many new reviews have come out, including some video footage from MSN Auto and Fifth Gear

Since the March 22nd launch date is very close, you should expect a lot of new reviews and articles on this amazing car that BMW has designed.

But here is Gabriel's review:

Based on all the hype over the last few months, you’d expect the BMW 135i to be able to walk on water. European journalists have raved about the car and customers have already begun forming lines at dealerships here in the US. Praise flowing from computer keyboards around the world is enough to make almost any automotive enthusiast take notice.

Even BMW has gotten in the act trotting an early 70’s era 2002tii at every marketing opportunity they can. And why not, all the right ingredients are there; short overhangs, 50/50 weight distribution, rear-wheel drive, 300hp all wrapped in small coupe packaging. It’s almost enough to forget about the one glaring issue – all 3373 lbs of it. That’s over 1000 lbs heavier than the 2002tii that the 1 Series was clearly inspired by.


Seeing the 135i for the first time in the flesh you’re struck at how short and stubby it is. With the flared wheel arches (especially the rear) and the turned up lip on the trunk with small rear spoiler, there’s little question that BMW meant for first impressions to be sporty and purposeful. Pictures simply cannot do a shape like this justice.

It’s not necessarily a pretty car, but it has a muscular, almost brash look about it that is unexpectedly charming in person. Along with the short overhangs, upright grille and the strong shoulder line that runs the length of the car, it has classic BMW design cues without looking retro. When I parked it next to the new M3, I was struck by how much I preferred the 135i’s squat proportions and more subtle design details. The 135i looks upright and eager standing still. This is BMW distilled to its purest form.

Like the exterior, the interior of the 1 coupe follows a long line of driver focused BMW cockpits. From the moment you first feel the thick perforated M steering wheel (the best I’ve ever felt) and the short throw chunky M shifter, you know BMW made this car for the enthusiast. I drove both an iDrive and non-iDrive cars and found that everything was relatively straightforward and easy to operate. The front seats are the standard fare you expect with the sport package equipped BMW. They had great support both on the seat backs and on the lower cushions. Expendable knee support was also present and welcome.

Full review here

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