Today, I am going to share with you a few key-points in the history of BMW. Keep this little article handy in case your BMW knowledge gets challenged.

1917 | BMW Roundel Introduced

On July 21st, 1917, Rapp-Motorenwerke is renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH and the BMW Roundel is born. Since then, all products of the BMW brand have proudly displayed this trademark badge of honor.

1923 | First BMW Motorcycle Introduced

Developed on the drawing board in 1922, the first BMW R32 motorcycle causes a sensation when unveiled at the Berlin Exhibition in 1923. To improve air cooling, Chief Engineer Max Fritz positioned the flat twin engine crosswise in a double-tube frame and transmitted its power via a drive shaft directly to the wheel.

1929 | BMW AG Produces its First Automobile

A year after BMW AG bought the Eisenach automobile plant the company produces its first automobile, the Dixi.

1959 | BMW Stays Independent

BMW comes close to being bought but is saved at the last minute by invetor Herbert Quandt.

1968 | BMW 2002

BMW further developed its offerings of sport sedans, when it introduced the first two-door models in 1966. Two years later, the larger 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine was fited to the this lightweight sedan and the 2002 was born. The 2002 is often credited as the model which put BMW on the map in the US.

1995 | Built in the USA

BMW vehicle production expands to a new plant in Spartanburg, SC. In March 1996, the first modern BMW roadster built in the U.S. – the Z3 – is delivered

2004 | BMWNA Becomes #1 Subsidiary in Sales

In 2004, BMW North America, LLC became BMW’s highest selling subsidiary worldwide with 296,521 vehicle sales.

And as an ending note, please remember that BMW automobiles are sometimes called “bimmers” while the motorcycles are called “beamer”, I see this mistake pretty often and I love to correct my friends :)