The last North American BMW E30 M3 on sale for $200,000

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If there is one car in the BMW history that has the same iconic status as the legendary BMW 2002, then that car is the …

If there is one car in the BMW history that has the same iconic status as the legendary BMW 2002, then that car is the E30 M3. The compact coupe is even today regarded as one of the best BMWs ever built and most importantly, one of the most fun to drive. Despite its age – over 25 years – the E30 M3 commends high prices on the used car market, especially for those pristine models.

But none of them are likely to sell at a price as high as this one. This example is the last VIN for E30 M3 North American production with extremely low mileage and incredible like-new condition.

E30 M3 last 1 750x500

This E30 M3 was originally used as a BMW Promotional Pace Car at Lime Rock Park. It was then sold to David Hobbs with under 200 miles on the clock to fund repaving Lime Rock’s race circuit. The first registered owner has meticulously cared for this M3 since late 1991. All factory equipment remains intact with no changes or additions, the original tires are still installed!

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According to the sales ad, the exterior paint is all original and is in amazing condition! All numbers-matching body panels with VIN tags intact. The interior appointments are like-new with supple leather, clean carpets and crack-free dash. The car has never seen rain or inclement weather, therefore, the body and undercarriage are spotless.


All the service history is also available going back to the original window sticker.

The BMW OEM 15” wheels and tires are preserving the originals for Concours use.

So how much will this piece of history cost you? Close to $200,000 – more exactly $199,990.

9 responses to “The last North American BMW E30 M3 on sale for $200,000”

  1. jason bourne says:

    Original tires? You’d think they’d be dried out just from age, as would most of the rubber and plastic parts.

    That said, it does look fantastic.

  2. T says:

    For something in that price range you’d at least expect the original steering wheel instead of a default 316i one.

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