BMW 8 Series Design Study aims to revive the spirit of the legendary BMW

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Giom Mouton – the South African rendering artist – brings us another interesting BMW design study. The object of this new design exercise is the …

Giom Mouton – the South African rendering artist – brings us another interesting BMW design study. The object of this new design exercise is the iconic BMW 8 Series, a model that has been often rumored to make a return in some sort of form and shape in the future. Mouton basis his design on the BMW DNA and the iconic design cues, and this is philosophy is clearly being followed here.

“It’s not difficult to come up with beautiful BMW designs since the inherent BMW DNA is already close to perfect,” Mouton says. “Especially when it comes to large coupés. The focus is on proportions. You get those right and the rest simply falls into place.”

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This 8 Series Design Study is based on the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé chassis dimensions. This enables the greenhouse to move backwards giving the coupé the iconic long hood. Overall, the car is 100mm lower than the 6 Series coupé. While the proportions are classic coupé, the surface treatment is anything but.

BMW 8 Series Design Study images 8 750x422

The flared out wheel arches is a nod to the original 850i – like the wedge shape. The frontal treatment is a blend of modern design and functional aerodynamics. The forward leaning kidney grill pays homage to the 70s ‘shark nose’ design while the rear is much rounder than before, and perhaps the greatest departure from the original. This allows the car to slip through the air without creating too much drag. Yet, the L-shaped taillights continue to dominate the rear and pay tribute to one of BMW’s most iconic design features.


It’s strictly a two seater designed for long distance travel – a true GT in that sense. A 6 liter V12 cylinder engine gives the top of the range model the ability to super cruise without breaking a sweat, but more importantly, it gives the car the credentials to compete in the upper echelons of exclusive motoring. The passengers are cocooned in the utmost luxury with their every need catered for.


Despite the focus on luxury, this potential BMW 860i is a capable athlete, inspiring confidence through fast bends and stable at Autobahn speeds. Using BMW i technology, the weight could remain well under two tons. Air flow dynamics see to it that drag is kept to a minimum.

If BMW ever decides to bring back the 8 Series, the car is likely to not only feature an edgy design, but also be adorned with the highest luxury possible.


19 responses to “BMW 8 Series Design Study aims to revive the spirit of the legendary BMW”

  1. dslindc says:

    Nope to that front end. Otherwise good.

  2. iNoob says:

    Way too long overhang in front

  3. BMW from 90's says:

    Ugly front …not BMW look ..but rear its great

  4. jason bourne says:

    Ugh. The designers seem obsessed with overemphasizing the the kidneys and it just makes the car look hideous.

    The other obsession seems to be making the car look flat, like it’s been stepped on by Godzilla. A more proportionate greenhouse-to-body would be more appealing.

  5. Stephen Garrett says:

    Not feeling it.

  6. Icebreakerr says:

    the new 8 series wont look anything like this.. will look more like a big two door version of the future vision luxury concept

  7. Crux says:

    Yeah, im not with this rendering. Although the 3rd picture down from a sky view. That silhouette looks pretty striking.

  8. Crux says:

    Some of the renderings looks like they took a F12 and stretch the image to 300% cause they don’t have photoshop.

  9. Lukas Merk says:

    I don’t like the rear end as well…. Reminds me of Mercedes. The whole car actually looks like a Mercedes SLK/SLC or SL..

  10. Me says:

    Rear end is fantastic. Front end… meh. Too Japanese looking with what I call the “frog eye” or “lizard look.” I’m referring to the front fenders flaring/curving upward above the hoodline, making it like a reptiles head and eyes. Infinitis have the worst, most bubbly “frog eye” shape. The new Civic sedan has the sharper angled lizard eye look… the old RX-8s had the flair too. Not a fan… not a fan.

  11. Seven23 says:

    He’s should design the i9 too.

  12. Noah Gilbert says:

    Pretty, but it just looks like a 6 on steroids…

  13. Erik Manbat says:

    front kidney grill to small and out of proportion. Lower intake wrong and needs work. Raise the headlights to the height of the original 8 series with the pop up lights up.Headlight design needs bi projector instead of mono and lower light needs to flow beneath bi projector headlights like one continuous cheetah tear duct. Larger tire wells and a better shape. Redesign the door to a gull wing design. The rear needs a more finished look.

  14. Seven23 says:

    What if the 8-series inspired and based on i8 ?

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