BMW ranks third in JD Power APEAL test

News | July 23rd, 2015 by 10
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JD Power’s APEAL Study has to do with how gratifying a car is to own. JD surveys customers to find out how pleased they are …

JD Power’s APEAL Study has to do with how gratifying a car is to own. JD surveys customers to find out how pleased they are with their cars and then scores each brand out of 1,000. In JD’s most recent 2015 APEAL Study has BMW listed as the third most gratifying premium brand (854 score).

That’s not too surprising, as BMWs are very satisfying cars to own. What is surprising is one of the brands that ranked ahead of it. The two companies that ranked ahead of BMW are Porsche and Jaguar (Both scoring 855), respectively. Porsche isn’t too much of a shock, as they are tremendous cars to own and live with everyday. But the number two spot, Jaguar, is a bit of a shock.

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Jags are lovely cars, don’t get me wrong, and I enjoy them very much. But they’ve never been known for reliability and build quality. People seem to have always complained about Jags in the past for constantly breaking down and having door trim fall off.

However, Jag has been on the upswing lately, and the F-Type is so awesome that it alone probably secured Jaguar’s second place victory. So maybe it isn’t all that surprising after all. But what is notable is the quality of car companies that fell behind BMW and how close the test was. Mercedes-Benz (853) and Audi (852) both fell behind BMW but not by much. This is actually a bit surprising, given the amount of positive attention surrounding Mercedes and Audi these days.

BMW has always been the go-to luxury brand for people who love driving, so it’s weird seeing a company like Jaguar become the company that more customers are pleased with. But with Jaguar making increasingly good cars, lately, and BMW making cars that many seem to think aren’t worthy of a BMW badge (new X1, 2 Series Gran Tourer), maybe it’s not that shocking. Maybe Jaguar is onto something and BMW needs to play catchup with its cars. At least BMW is ahead of Mercedes and Audi.

10 responses to “BMW ranks third in JD Power APEAL test”

  1. carmouflagger says:

    Jags are Fan-fucking-tastic.. They look & sound better than anything.

  2. Chris Llana says:

    “JD surveys customers to find out how pleased they are with their cars . . .” I suspect the customers who buy the new X1 (none yet) and the Active Tourer will think they are very nice cars worthy of the BMW badge, even if the fanboys turn up their noses at those models. The opinion of those soccer moms counts as much as what the enthusiast thinks of his new M4 (what he thinks about the X1 counts not at all).

    • Tom says:

      Thank you for that. The new X1 is a shocker and will catch so many new buyers from other brands, but also keep the older ones. Even the 2 Active is very very well selling in Europe, but this is something Americans from 1900 cant understand. They prefer driving Nissan Quests…
      I am a real enthusiast, but some day there is the point you realize that enthuasiasts cant keep a brand like BMW or Porsche alive. You need those soccer mums and the old daddys and whatever, every customer is different! Porsche without Cayenne, Panamera and Macan would be not able to invest in such things like new 911ers or 918s.

  3. Kaisuke971 says:

    Not surprised by Jaguar at all. If there’s something i’d definitely want to own at the moment, it’s a Jaguar.

  4. jason bourne says:

    JD Power rankings = Zzzzzzzz

  5. James Freedman says:

    new age Jags are the best….its been long that Jags been hearing about reliability, not anymore. Waiting for my very own Jaguar XE. A true bimmer fan moving to Jaguar soon, apprehensive but very excited.

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