2016 BMW 7 Series: Exterior and Interior Design

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The new 2016 G11/12 BMW 7 Series is upon us. Ready to tackle Mercedes-Benz and Audi head on in one of the most tightly contested …

The new 2016 G11/12 BMW 7 Series is upon us. Ready to tackle Mercedes-Benz and Audi head on in one of the most tightly contested segments on the market. With the new 7 Series comes a bevy of features new to both the 7 Series line, like air suspension and a plug-in hybrid variant, as well as the segment as a whole, like wireless charging and gesture control for the infotainment system. With all of its new technologies and groundbreaking design, the 7 Series is aiming to dethrone the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and take the segment crown for itself.

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BMW has gone to great lengths to insure that its newest 7 Series is as advanced, in terms of both luxury and technology, as possible. We all already know that the 7 Series has undergone a massive weight reduction, with BMW utilizing high-end materials, such as aluminum, magnesium and CFRP, as much as possible. Not only has this lightened the 7 Series, making each variant lightest in its respective class, but has stiffened the structure greatly, giving the new 7 Series a wonderfully solid feel.

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Along with the added lightness, as Colin Chapman would have called it, comes an exciting new design. While the exterior of the car is more evolution than revolution over the previous design, it does look far better and more sorted. The whole car looks tighter and crisper. The large kidney grilles are front and center and display an air of power and opulence as the full LED headlights seem to flow out of them. The hood is also lower and leaner, giving the new 7er a more aggressive and sporting look. From the side, its profile is smooth and flows better than its predecessor, with the signature Hofmeister Kink as prominent as ever.


There’s also a new touch, an air breather, now typical of most BMWs, which has a strip of either chrome or black, depending on the Line chosen, which runs the length of the bottom of the doors.


The way this strip ends at the door makes it seem like it connects to the Hofmeister Kink above. It also continues onto the rear fender of the car. Which brings us to the newly design rump of the G11 7 Series, which looks far and away better than the old model. Where the old one looked rather large and bloated, this new 7er’s rear end seems to have been doing some squats. It’s much tighter and leaner than before and its full LED taillights have been slimmed down.


Overall, the entire car isn’t a design revolution, but neither is the new S Class or A8. The idea is to create a handsome and luxurious looking car without being too flashy or garish. In that respect, the G11 7 Series is a success. Though, an M Sport package livens things up a bit with an aerodynamics kit, 19” or 20” wheels and black shadowline trim replacing all of the chrome bits.




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The interior is a different story, however, being as opulent and luxurious as possible and maybe even best in class. With a lovely array of leather, wood and aluminum, the new 7 Series’ interior has a bright, comfortable and airy feel to it. There’s a new iDrive system, version 5.0, which utilizes touchscreen inputs as well as Gesture Control.


Much like the S Class, the gauge cluster has been replaced with a 12.3” screen, displaying different gauges while in different Driving Modes. For example, when in Comfort Mode, the screen displays the typical four gauge cluster of speedo, tach, temp and fuel gauges. In Eco Pro, the tach is replaced by an EfficientDynamics gauge and when in Sport, everything is simplified with the speed, revs and gear selection all appearing as large digital readouts.


There is also an all-new graphic Head-Up Display, which can display road speed, turn-by-turn navigation as well as Check Control and warning messages. It’s the largest and most advance HUD in the industry. There’s also a mobile phone holder in the center console which can wireless charge your phone and has an LED charge status display, a segment first.


From where you sit, the leather and wood look absolutely lovely, with the seats looking every bit as comfortable as in any other high-end car in the segment. Everything within arms reach is covered in either leather, beautifully finished wood or aluminum.


There is ambient lighting everywhere, on the door trim, in the footwells and under all of the controls. It’s beautifully done and doesn’t look too flashy or silly. The rear seats get a wide array of climate and seating controls via a touchscreen display built into the armrest, which can be removed to hold in hand, as well as tray tables and optional touchscreen on the front seatbacks.


There will be some debate over whether or not this new 7 Series is good looking enough, both inside and out, to beat the current S Class. I think it’s going to be tough to decide amongst the two. Both are extremely good looking and follow a similar philosophy of calm exteriors with opulent interiors. However, that’s where the two end their similarities. The S Class, in typical Mercedes-Benz fashion, relies more on its luxury car roots, while the 7 Series is more about advanced technology and has a more modern feel. If I were to have to pick just one adjective to describe each car, for the S Class I’d have to go with beautiful but for the 7 Series I’d go with amazing.

To say which is better would be impossible until we can drive both, but just from the looks of things, the folks in Stuttgart might be getting very nervous.

2016 BMW 7 Series Interior Design

2016 BMW 7 Series Exterior Design

34 responses to “2016 BMW 7 Series: Exterior and Interior Design”

  1. Kagan Oztrak says:

    I want to love it, but I am struggling. Yes it looks much better than the leaked images but still..If I had the money, the benz would win solely based on looks..

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      I don’t know… The 7 looks more dynamic to me, and way more beautiful. Like a mix of the old one and the 6 series, with a bit of Vision Future Luxury mixed in. The problem is that it looks more like a car to drive, than a car to be driven in… And i’m not sure they really want that. Yes the RR are here in the group for that, but they are way more expensive. It surely looks good, but i’m not sure it looks quite as expensive as the S. But hey at least it’s not the 3 series’ bigger brother, it has it’s unique personality.
      But still, wit that car, people who actually drive them will likely never be taken for a chauffeur, it’s the contrary. Some chauffeurs out there will be taken for the actual owner of the car haha.

      • Red says:

        Well BMWs have always been a drivers car, so I think they still focus on that. Yet they still implement stuff that benefit passengers, they don’t focus only on the driver.
        As far as the looks go, I like it, it’s an evolution of the F01/02. The interiour though has taken a big step forward if you ask me.
        The only thing left is to see how it feels on the road and I hope it does really well.

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          With all the tech they’ve putted in (carbon core, air suspension, navigation suspension management, RR-coworked transmission), if it’s not miles better, they’re doing it wrong !

    • Giom says:

      Don’t be too quick to judge… BMWs really don’t look their best in pics. You have to see it in the flesh.

      • Kagan Oztrak says:

        I probably defend bmw’s actions more than you do but lets be honest here, bmw is slowly creeping back into their one-sausage-three-size design philosophy..

        • joseph_rma says:

          I is true in some ways, we are little subjective, but you have to admit that all the BMWs look way better on the streets, more elegant and mighty

    • CDspeed says:

      I get the same feeling, the S-Class seems almost like a Bentley, but the 7-Series looks like a big 3-Series inside and out. It looks great, but nothing about the design says “I am BMW’s flagship luxury sedan”, it’s buisness as usual rather then a distinguished ultimate luxury sedan. Although having driven 7s in the past the 7-Series is fantastic to drive, the driving dynamics would still have me buying the 7 over the S.

      • Kagan Oztrak says:

        I totally agree, it looks bland, not like the flagship of the worlds leading premium automaker. It look as if it premiered in 2010 and this is it’s LCI facelift..

        • CDspeed says:

          I still like the Vision Future Luxury concept better, the 7-Series should stand out from the rest of the BMW lineup, this just seems to blend in.

  2. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    Yeah I’m also trying to force myself to love it, it seems like a 3 Series AND that doesn’t seem to fit in the 7 class. The front is OK nje but The back looks awesome, interior awesome also.

  3. Senne says:

    The new 7 Series is simply unbelievable. It’s a sheer beauty, ultimate luxury, ultimate quality, ultimate technology, ultimate everything. This simply demolishes the S Class and even more the A8. It was definitely worth waiting for !! WOW!

  4. Crux says:

    Does the new 7er have the OLED tail lights?

  5. joseph_rma says:

    I am still getting used to some cues of the design but I find it as a potential, elegant and powerful limousine.
    I would make something different with air-vent style to make it more extraordinary but isn’t that bad

  6. whateverdude says:

    Disappointed yet?

  7. 2sfhim says:

    The new 7-series is lighter by around 130kg than the previous car. It is not bad but this is a 2 tonnes car. A Peugeot 208 is 110kg lighter than the previous 207, but the Peugeot is roughly a 1 tonne car. Finally, this 7-series is not so impressive. Certainly not bad, but not very impressive. The suspension is something you can find elsewhere for decades. The design is quite good. Today I’ve seen dozens of S-class, only one 7-series. I don’t know whether the G01 will change this.

    • Max says:

      Peugeot 208?! You know, that a Peugeot 208 hast almost nothing in it. This 7series is full of innovations and technical and safety features. It would have saved 200kg, but they put in 70kg of features.

  8. Ahmad Abu Snieneh says:

    The rear design is clearly stolen from the 2015 audi A8!!

  9. Yall says:

    Hmm, I don’t really know how I feel about this car. I like it as a whole but it doesn’t have that sort of Wow factor like when the S Class came out. BMW could have done more in the exterior design but this is what it always does and it’s good in some ways – BMWs don’t change too much in each generation so they age better I guess. I feel like the front is a bit boxy and I don’t really like the headlights… not crispy enough? I love the rear though and the increased use of chrome does make the car look more expensive. I like the interior don’t get me wrong but it just doesn’t feel THAT expensive like the S Class, especially for the “Ultimate Luxury Package” shown above (four seater). Have a look at the same package of the S Class or even of the current Audi A8 – they can even compete with Rolls Royce or Bentley. I just feel like something is missing there, just not expensive enough. I mean for people who could afford these cars, with the same amount of money they would choose a more luxurious car right… Driving dynamics is important but that’s not an excuse for making a “worse” interior. Also, the centre console looks like it is copied from the 3 series in terms of shape, although the material used is A LOT more expensive. Again they could have done more with that… And in one photo (dark purple rear seats), they aren’t any rear seat adjustment controls! Again?! For 730i there is not rear seat adjustment are you kidding me? S Class has had it for all models two generations ago (15 years). Does that really save a huge cost? The whole thing is like a major facelift rather than something people expect, especially after S Class came out. Audi would definitely come up with more technically advanced stuff or even a better interior than the 7, just like what happened in the previous generation. I personally am not a fan of Audi but BMW should always position itself above Audi in terms of technology and luxury, especially in their flagship. Hopefully they are going to offer more equipment as standard otherwise the real thing more people get will look a bit dull compared to what we could see from above, which always happens with BMWs. Just saying, let’s hope BMW is not going to make the new 5 series almost as luxurious as the 7 like the current generation, otherwise there won’t be a need for a flagship…

    • Jrobusc says:

      The rear seat controls you’re looking for are integrated into a removable touchpad tablet that slots into the top of the rear armrest. And BMW has had available rear seat controls since 2001. It’s not Benz exclusive

      • Yall says:

        No they didn’t. I am sure that the tablet is an optional equipment and you have pay quite a lot to add that. And regarding rear seat controls, BMW did have it back in 2001 but in the past few 7 series generations, if you have a five seater you won’t have that option, which is quite stupid. S class offers that even for the 5 seater model back in 2000, even Audi A8 has offered that since 2010.

        • Andrewthecarguy says:

          Same with BMW. 5 seater or not…the controls are hidden in the center armrest.

          • Jean says:

            Nah Yall is right. I own a F01 730Li and my friend own the previous generation, they don’t come with rear seat adjustments. Those controls in the center armrest are only options and for the 4 seater model for the past 2 generations. I am not sure for the even older generation though (the one before the Bangle 7 series).

  10. Andrewthecarguy says:

    Anybody know anything about the fragrance option?

  11. Khaled Farhad says:

    BMW design has stagnated, they need a real Bangle shake up!

  12. Immanuel John says:

    This car is an epic fail for BMW, it manages to look like an updated mix between 3/4/5 series. The interior too looks the same old and boring, just better materials, quite similar to the 3/4 series. The tech might be good, the drive too might be fun but for a car that will cost 100K or more one can’t afford to look ugly in most angles and so-so in some, in the flesh and in pics. Also, the key, remote parking & gesture control are not breakthrough tech that will set it apart, not enough to compromise on the boring interior and exterior. I mean even my mom was sad to see this design, that’s how sad it is. For BMW to compete with the S-Class is a joke. The S-looks better both inside and out, the design language is new and leads the way while rest of Merc line up now starts to adapt ‘S’ design cues. BMW designers/mgt. boards need to be fired for putting through garbage designs into production. The X-5/ 7/ 3 series used to be good looking cars, now they all look pretty ugly. The 3 series still manages to look so-so & it is the best seller. As for driving pleasure, well Audis and certain Mercs today have given BM a run for their money.



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