BMW i8 in a serious crash

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BMW i8 Unfall Autobahn Crash 4 750x500

Last weekend, a BMW i8 in Crystal White Pearl was involved in a serious crash on the German Autobahn. The accident took place on A72 …

Last weekend, a BMW i8 in Crystal White Pearl was involved in a serious crash on the German Autobahn. The accident took place on A72 highway between Chemnitz and Stollberg, as another driver unexpectedly came from the right lane to overtake a third vehicle.

The driver of the BMW i8 could not brake in time and crashed into the rear of the Audi A3, which then spun in the opposite guardrail.

As clearly shown in our photos, the BMW i8 has considerable damage and it is likely to be totaled. The front of the car is more reminiscent of a debris field than a sports car, and the butterfly doors show several battle scars from contact with the guardrail. Airbags ere deployed as well.

BMW i8 Unfall Autobahn Crash 4 750x500 BMW i8 Unfall Autobahn Crash 2 750x655

In the accident, one person was slightly injured in the back seat of the BMW i8; the driver and the occupants of the other vehicle were uninjured.


The BMW i8 has a complex security system, designed to make the aid after a crash as safe as possible. Just like the i3, all electric lines are switched off within seconds and the car unloads the complete high-voltage battery when the airbag sensor goes off.

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14 responses to “BMW i8 in a serious crash”

  1. TinyRK says:

    This was also an “Erprobungsfahrzeug/ Testfahrzeug”, means it was BMW Test vehicle with some expensive Instrumentation aboard. There was also another accident with another G11, which hit a police transporter, where BMW was testing a new autonomous camera system

  2. CDspeed says:

    Looks like it performed well, everything after the frontend is pretty well intact.

  3. Richard Masters says:

    What caught my eye was no apparent splintering of the carbon fiber. This has been a concern in previous generations of carbon fiber technology (mostly aerospace applications). This is an impressive achievement: to mass-produce a carbon fiber body. The fact that the car can be wrecked in a crash is not significant; but that the passengers do not suffer serious injuries attests to the robustness of the design. I would also suggest that if you can afford this car, you can afford the comprehensive insurance that must accompany it – making the damage no more significant to the owner than damage to any other car in this price range.

  4. ///MR says:

    those are not Gullwing doors dammit! Butterfly doors.

  5. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    As long as the driver is ok the car means nothing, if the owner could buy the i8 from the start he could buy one again or get this one fixed. I just wonder how the Audi car looks at the back.

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