Formula 1: BMW denies rumors of comeback as engine builder

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Is BMW planning a comeback in Formula 1? Latest rumors and reports are saying that Munich is considering to return as an engine builder. Former …

Is BMW planning a comeback in Formula 1? Latest rumors and reports are saying that Munich is considering to return as an engine builder. Former team boss Gian Carlo Minardo started the rumors earlier this week with a post on his website:

“The engine revolution that has marked this new era of Formula 1 has involved several engine manufactures, present and not present on the race field”, the manager from Faenza comments. “We’ve always affirmed that several constructors are testing these new power units, that will represent the future for standard cars, independently from their participation to the F1 World Championship. German rumor has it that a BMW Board of Directors has been fixed for the month of May to consider a coming back in F1 already for 2015. The promoter of this project is Steven Althaus, Director Brand Management BMW and Marketing Services BMW Group. A confirmation of BMW’s concrete will to evaluate future projects has been the continuous and steady presence of technicians, both in the pre-season testing and during the first races, gathering important information. ”


With turbocharged engines now being being the heart of the F1 monoposts, many took a look in the past and remembered BMW’s success in F1 with turbochargers. Nelson Piquet driving Brabham-BMW Turbo was crowned World Champion 1983, the first at the top in the new era of turbocharger.

To put the fires away and suppress any future rumors, BMW spokesman Joerg Kottmeier denied the rumors and said that nothing has changed in the strategic plans of BMW Motorsport.

The basis for the rumors is the current situation in the Formula 1 2014 season where Mercedes is absolutely dominating the race with their turbo engines. Will this be an incentive enough for BMW to return? We’ll find out soon enough!


  • Fábio Veloso

    Sad news. I saw the article in the Minardi website and immediatly became excited imagine that next season, myabe BMW will kick Mercedes butt. However, it’s not hte first time that BMW says something and then does exactly the opposite. Let’s see. I want to bealive that somewhere in München, there’s a bunch of men in a shed, deep inside the bowls of BMW M facilties, working in a surprinsing return to take, F1 championship by storm.

  • Tnuoc

    I always felt BMW should have just stuck to building the engines. They are good at that.

  • Roland Renno

    BMW was the best engine builder in F1, but WilliamsF1 was the opposite in aerodynamics so BMW saw their efforts go in vain. They learned a lesson from that and don’t want to take things in a rush. However if they return, they want results and I’m with them on that one.

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