Real Life Photos: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

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Ahead of its Geneva debut, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo makes a couple of appearances. First one in Germany, courtesy of our sister-magazine BimmerToday, …

Ahead of its Geneva debut, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo makes a couple of appearances. First one in Germany, courtesy of our sister-magazine BimmerToday, where the 3 Series GT was spotted in the Imperial Blue color with the Modern Line package.

The prototype seen below sports matte chrome on the front bumper, kidney grille and rear end, along with the side Air Breather.

At a first glance, we can see the single tailpipe which indicates a four-cylinder engine and a either a 318d GT or 320i GT.

BMW 3er GT F34 Modern Line Erlkoenig ungetarnt 06 655x493

The second set of photos are from an official unveiling in Spain where the folks at Motorpasion had a chance to play with different models. Some of those demo vehicles were equipped with the Active Rear Spoiler. We also have a chance to see the interior of an M Sport model, as well as the extra interior space offered by the Gran Turismo body variant.

The 3 GT will be offered with the Sport Line, Luxury Line or Modern Line equipment packages, or with the optional M Sport package, which will already be available from July 2013. The world debut will take place on March 5th, 2013.

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10 responses to “Real Life Photos: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo”

  1. CarguyM5 says:

    The white 3 series GT appears to be a US model but without the amber side reflectors. You will notice that it has the American tail lamp assembly with the red turn signals and it has the US speedometer. Plus its a 328i model.

  2. Bryan says:

    I hate the embellishment, from the chrome accent on the front and rear bumpers to the side vents. The car looks ok in white, but will be a tough sell.

    Is the price pegged between the 4 series coupe and 3 series touring? Or more than the 3 series touring? I would take the 3 series touring over the GT if prices were similar.

  3. james west says:

    Just as ugly as the 5 GT. what a waste of design resources.

  4. Ricky Calo says:

    Just horrible, it’s disgusting!! Reminds me of the Honda Crosstour or whatever.

  5. LaMa says:

    ITS A COPYCAT OF the Honda Crosstour which tanked just as much as the BMW 5GT did.

    Both of these cars are ugly, useless and an answer to a question nobody asked.

    I know that the 5GT was Bungle’s last work but we should all forget him and his ugly work forever. Lets not bungleize the future BMW’s please.

    We had enough for 10 years. This 3GT is shame to BMW.

  6. mckillio says:

    Just give me a hatch

  7. Hickory Hills says:

    I am clearly in the minority, but after years of driving SAABs I regard the hatch back as superbly functional. Whether I am hauling home a new shrub, taking extra stuff on vacation, or taking the dog out for a walk in the woods, a hatch back is better than a car, and yet on a winding road I would expect the 3-series GT to be better than any SUV, even BMW SUV’s. Right now I drive a 325 xit wagon, and will probably get another when I trade it in, but I would not rule out the GT. As i understand the GT, it will not be as tall as the X3, so comparing the GT to the much taller Crosstour misses the mark. I would want the chance to look at one in person, but I expect it to be closer to the sedan’s proportions than a Crosstour’s.

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