2012-13 BMW X5 And X6 Models Recalled For Power Steering Fluid Leak

BMW X5 | June 21st, 2012 by 9
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BMW has announced a recall of 2012 and 2013 BMW X5 and X6 models. The recall applies to 2,642 SUVs built between April 20, 2012 …

BMW has announced a recall of 2012 and 2013 BMW X5 and X6 models. The recall applies to 2,642 SUVs built between April 20, 2012 and May 29, 2012.

The issue is with the machining of the steering gear housing, which was not within BMW’s published specifications, therefore power steering fluid can leak into the rubber boot surrounding the steering gear. As a result power steering assist loss can occur. There is also an increased risk of fire if power steering fluid is leaking.

A loss of power steering assist still leaves the driver with steering control, although a higher degree of effort is required. A change in steering effort could increase the likelihood of an accident under certain conditions.

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According to BMW, the issue was uncovered during testing at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, and at the moment, the company is unaware of any customer incidents.

The recall is expected to begin in July, and BMW dealers will inspect and replace the steering gear on affected vehicles as necessary. Owners with questions or concerns can contact BMW’s customer relations department at (800) 525-7417.

Recall updates are also available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline, which can be reached at (888) 327-4236.

9 responses to “2012-13 BMW X5 And X6 Models Recalled For Power Steering Fluid Leak”

  1. Not-any-more BMW fan says:

    I didn’t expect anything else from incompetent BMW engineers.

    • fredyschiftan@aol.com says:

      you people are talking and complaining , these are new models on the market and the first year there will be issues on the cars, every model of BMW runs for 7 years . Every car has problems the first year that is a fact !!! if you want to critize a Co. look around the corner VW, Mercedes even Toyota. I dont believe is cutting corners give an example ? opening the Hood ? the inside of the new models is better than ever ! and yes some parts are made by suppliers , and yes they will go bad and be fixed and made better, if there is a Co. that got where it is today is BMW because they put attention to detail and, every Co. has copied them.

    • fredyschiftan@aol.com says:

      good we dont need people like you, we need real BMW fans , you are the type that when your team losses you are gone but when they win you are there, good bye !!

  2. FreudeKing says:

    Another pathetic recall. BMW’s new CEO with his pathetic STRATEGY ONE to cut cost and suck up to share holders is driving BMW to the ground! FWD cars, record number of recalls last year and this year is making me doubt the quality of new BMWs. When I open the hood of the new 3 Series and 1 Series, all I see is a very messy and cheap looking compartment (like those of VW cars) as compared to the previous generations, absolutely no effort in making it look neat and premium!
    Back to the recalls, this is pathetic! Think about it, every single significant new car launched by BMW has been recalled. The 7 Series had to be recalled, the 5, the new 3 Series and now the X’s as well. Is BMW trying to be like Merc a few years ago, trying to cut cost left right and centre and skipping on quality controls and giving customers quality products just to make some short term profits to boost their own management bonuses?

    • LaMa says:

      globalization and cost cutting. The steering gear is from a new outsourced company. would not be surprised to hear that its from a 3rd World country with cheap labor.
      Profits are soaring, marketing and other expenses – incl. execs bonuses – are sky high, but the cars lack quality.

      • fredyschiftan@aol.com says:

        sorry that is your opinion, the quality in my Beemer is better than ever and after 10 months , I have 0 problems ……… do you own a BMW ? or you read those silly magazines opinions , anyway I do not agree with your opinion.

      • X5fan says:

        Who is the supplier? How do you know it is a new supplier? Why do you assume it’s a 3rd world country?

  3. Mercedes Fan says:

    My 2011 X5 has been fixed twice under guarantee having bought it 6 months ago. Aircon is still noisy and the engine sounds like a golf e-cart in first gears. You get almost sick on bumpy roads unless you bought the optional “adaptive drive. Not the salespeople would be able to give proper advice..

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