*Updated* SIRI by Apple coming to BMW vehicles – “Eyes Free”

siri bmw

See update with BMWNA official statement At the 2012 WWDC event, Apple revealed that SIRI features will come to BMW vehicles. The updated SIRI will …

See update with BMWNA official statement

At the 2012 WWDC event, Apple revealed that SIRI features will come to BMW vehicles. The updated SIRI will debut in the new iOS which will hit the market this Fall but the integration with several automakers will span over the next 12 months.

Dubbed “Eyes Free”, the integration between SIRI and BMW will include a handsfree hardware button on the steering wheel that will activate the SIRi assistant.

Apple also announced nine automakers are already on board to help launch Eyes Free over the next twelve months, including: BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler. Ford, one of the largest automakers was not on the list since it currently uses the Microsfot Sync technology.

siri bmw

To showcase the integration, Apple presented an image of a new BMW 5 Series and the current voice-activation button.

SIRI’s new integration with Yelp, OpenTable and other APIs will most likely be available within the car operations as well. Other features could include texting, emailing, tweeting and updating your Facebook status.

What about drivers using Androids, Blackberrys, or Microsoft phones? No word yet from automakers, but the chances of a dual purpose Eyes Free integration are slim to none.

Read our article on BMW and SIRI from earlier this year.

Here is the official response from BMW of North America:

“BMW has been on the forefront of both in-car voice command as well as the integration of smartphones such as the Apple iPhone,” said Dave Buckho, BMWNA spokesperson.

“The integration of Siri using the BMW voice command steering wheel controls is a logical next step. Apple’s new Eyes Free mode enables drivers to use Siri to interact with their iPhone by voice even in the car . Users can not only make a call but also tune in to their favorite music, send a text message, create reminders, set alarms or create events without ever having to look for their phone. BMW is planning to have Siri integration available by mid-2013.”

15 responses to “*Updated* SIRI by Apple coming to BMW vehicles – “Eyes Free””

  1. Nice thing is apple let’s you put the new os on a device for three years… BMW want you to purchase a new car ever 6 months… Am I the only one that sees a problem here?

  2. jhonny says:

    does it require bmw apps?

  3. LeroyJenkins says:

    whats a faceobok?

  4. mckillio says:

    God, I hate apple.

  5. jon says:

    My BMW already has voice dialing…it’s horrible but it works. Couldn’t a software upgrade to that system allow me to choose Siri/ios6?

  6. AngusCarpathian says:

    God I love Apple.

  7. anthony sumbati says:

    Amen to that… it was only a matter of time… happiness and harmony
    Im happier than a pig in shit…

  8. al says:

    What a great way to get people more distracted from driving! Inputting
    appointment times, thinking about your shopping list or reminder list
    while on the highway.. Very smart! Shouldn’t you just be concentrating
    on driving and driving only while on the road? Inputting stuff on your
    phone can wait till after you pull over or reach your destination.

    • Will Junker says:

      Human mind is distracted all the time! You cannot focus on nothing but driving on familiar roads you drive daily for decades. Instead of thinking about finances, vacations, hobbies and other priorities, Siri is ready to take your thoughts to action without you having to take your eyes off the highway.

  9. American says:

    Makes for great ads but I can beleive BMW is willing to sell the frustration that comes when you actually get it. People will be disappointed in the whole car as a result of a couple hundred dollar option. Yes, I had to type this into iPhone 4s, as Siri doesn’t connect most of time and when does rarely works. This thing will cause a accidents because it takes many more steps to correct Siri than it would take to find a pay phone or hire a pigeon. Apple will make money selling your info like google and not on innovative features anymore.

  10. dardata says:

    Exterior | Interior | Packages | Options | Accessories
    () BMW Eyes Free powered by Siri $700
    () BMW Snap in Adapter $250
    () BMW rubber floor mats $53
    () Option pack that shld be incl. (prem. brand) $4500
    () BMW all inclusive discount package $18650

    Option to exclude Siri…. $Priceless

  11. […] In this video, you will learn how to use Siri within the BMW speech system. […]

  12. […] In this video, you will learn how to use Siri within the BMW speech system. […]

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