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There here have been drastic changes in the requirements for individual mobility concepts, specifically for conurbations. The challenges facing inner city traffic in future will …

There here have been drastic changes in the requirements for individual mobility concepts, specifically for conurbations. The challenges facing inner city traffic in future will be growing traffic volume, rising energy costs, and greater stringency of CO2 stipulations.

The BMW Group has recognised these challenges and is developing series solutions for the mobility needs of today and tomorrow. As an integral part of the BMW Group, BMW Motorrad is also dealing with the issues of individual single track mobility and the future needs of customers. In this context,
BMW Motorrad is expanding its business activities to include urban mobility.

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As its first offers on this sector, BMW Motorrad will be presenting two premium vehicles on the maxi scooter segment. The BMW C 600 Sport and the BMW C 650 GT combine the outstanding riding properties of a motorcycle with the specific agility and conceptual comfort of a scooter for a new kind of dynamic riding experience.

The new maxi scooters will be built at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin.

Two dynamic maxi scooters for sports and touring.

The differing characteristics of the concepts behind these two maxi scooters appeal to a wide target group: the C 600 Sport for the riders with sports ambitions, and the C 650 GT for customers attaching greater importance to comfort and touring ability.

Irrespectively of their differing concepts, the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT present the unique design language of BMW Motorrad, setting new standards on this segment in this category as well. Modern and dynamic, they are the perfect examples of the BMW Motorrad design philosophy.

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Powerful 2-cylinder inline engine with CVT and characteristic sound.

The 2-cylinder inline engine of the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT is an all new development by BMW Motorrad with a displacement of 647 cc. In both models, its rated power output is 44 kW (60 hp) at 7500 rpm, and its
max torque of 66 Nm is available at 6000 rpm. The power is transferred via a directly integrated CVT, or continuously variable transmission.

The engine owes its low position and therefore low centre of gravity to its cylinder bank, which is inclined to the front through 70°. The characteristic sound and low vibration levels are the result of the 90° crank pin offset, 270° ignition spacing, and two balancer shafts driven by spur gears.

An electronic fuel injection system supplies the four valves under the two overhead camshafts. Oil is supplied from a dry sump with double oil pump, and an efficient cooling concept optimises the thermal equilibrium in the
2-cylinder engine.

The exhaust system is made completely of stainless steel and complies with motorcycle specifications. Fitted with a closed loop catalytic converter and an oxygen sensor, the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT fulfil today the Euro-4 emission limits of tomorrow.

Suspension with playful handling and best riding stability.

One objective in the development of the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT was to combine directional stability at high speeds on the motorway with playful handling in city traffic and clear feedback to the rider – just like a motorcycle.

Accordingly, the design of the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT suspension features a torsionally rigid hybrid interconnection of a tubular steel bridge frame and a diecast aluminium unit at the swingarm bearing. In addition, the
2-cylinder inline engine functions as a bearing element, presenting a particularly rigid construction for stable and high precision response.

The greatest possible riding stability is also provided by the bearing for the cast light-alloy single swingarm with coaxial centre of rotation.

Also the suspension elements fulfil more fastidious needs for sporting character and comfort. At the front, an upside down fork presents a generous fixed fork diameter of 40 mm. The tail presents a reclining spring strut on the left side. The spring travels are each 115 mm, as they also occur quite commonly on the motorcycle sector. Also the tyre widths and cross sections of the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT are aligned to motorcycle dimensions.

Powerful braking system with BMW Motorrad ABS fitted as standard.

The new C 600 Sport and C 650 GT are fitted with a generously sized braking system consisting of a two-rotor disc brake at the front and a single disc brake at the rear, each 270 mm in diameter. At the same time, the BMW Motorrad ABS fitted as standard ensures maximum possible safety.

Multifunctional instrument cluster and optional LED daytime running light.

The instrument cluster of the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT presents a large, easily readable LCD display with integrated engine speed readout and an analogue speedometer. The instrument cluster presents considerably more functions than usual in this vehicle class.

For the first time, BMW Motorrad is also offering an LED daytime running light as an optional equipment feature on its C 600 Sport and C 650 GT.

C 600 Sport with the world premiere FlexCase.

The FlexCase for the C 600 Sport is an innovative stowage space concept.
A flap in the tail base under the seat enlarges the stowage space on the stationary vehicle. This can be used e.g. to hold two helmets.

The highlights at a glance

•      Efficiency optimised 2-cylinder inline engine with high torque and CVT.

•      The most powerful and efficient engine of its class.

•      Compact design with dry sump lubrication.

•      Power output 44 kW (60 hp) at 7500 rpm, max torque 66 Nm at 6000 rpm.

•      Punchy sound and low vibration levels thanks to the 90° crank pin offset, 270° ignition spacing, and two balancer shafts.

•      Low fuel consumption and low emissions thanks to electronic fuel injection and closed loop catalytic converter.

•      Suspension concept similar to a motorcycle; particularly rigid and hence more stable suspension system of tubular steel bridge frame and diecast aluminium unit at the swingarm bearing.

•      Generously dimensioned upside down fork with 40 mm standpipe diameter.

•      Swingarm with wide bearing base and reclining spring strut on the side.

•      Swingarm’s centre of rotation coaxial with the output shaft, so constant chain tension and reduced reaction torques.

•      Low maintenance, encapsulated secondary drive via roller chain in
oil bath.

•      High level of active safety thanks to generously sized braking system and dual channel ABS fitted as standard.

•      Hold brake engaged automatically via the side stand.

•      Multifunctional instrument cluster with onboard computer.

•      Optional LED daytime running light and way home function.

•      Either sporty, dynamic or luxurious, elegant in the characteristic
BMW Motorrad design language.

•      Generously sized stowage space. C 600 Sport with the world premiere FlexCase as an innovative stowage space concept.

•      Powered (C 650 GT) or manual (C 600 Sport) windscreen adjustments for the optimal protection against wind and weather.

•      Three colour variants for each.

•      Extensive equipment and custom accessories of the familiar high
BMW Motorrad quality.

The differences between the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT at a glance

The sporty, dynamic scooter BMW C 600 Sport is characterised by a seat positioned for extremely active riding. This was made possible by the arrangement of the foot boards, seat, and handlebar in an ergonomic triangle. More fastidious needs for touring and long distance capabilities, on the other hand, are fulfilled by the luxurious C 650 GT. The rider and passenger can therefore adopt a more relaxed sitting posture that is highly appreciated especially over long stretches. The ergonomics designed for even greater passenger capability and comfort can be felt in particular on a more comfortable seat with adjustable backrest for the rider in conjunction with a higher handlebar and comfortable floor boards in lieu of separate footrests for the passenger. In addition, the C 650 GT presents a larger, powered windscreen for even better protection against wind and weather.



•      C 600 Sport with dynamic seat position as a result of flatter handlebar, sporty seat design for both one and two persons, and sporty footrests for the passenger; seat height 810 mm.

•      C 650 GT with emphatically comfortable seat position as a result of higher handlebar, more comfortable and larger seat with adjustable backrest for the rider, and foot boards for the passenger as well; seat height 780 mm.


•      C 600 Sport with windscreen adjustable mechanically to three positions.

•      C 650 GT with larger windscreen adjustable electrically over 10 cm for even greater comfort and protection from wind and weather.

Body and design

•      C 600 Sport with sporty, spartan panels. The lean tail with the dynamic upswing and emphatic body edges lend it lightness and dynamics.

•      C 650 GT with an organic design language emphasising comfort attributes. Generously sized panel parts for outstanding comfort and protection against wind and weather.

Headlights, turn indicators, rear light

•      C 600 Sport: front turn indicators integrated in the panelling, twin circular headlights with two side lights on the left and right, LED rear light cluster with single turn indicators

•      C 650 GT: front turn indicators integrated in the mirrors, twin circular headlights with side lights between them presenting a vertical light strip of three elements, LED rear light cluster with integrated turn indicators.

Stowage space

•      C 600 Sport with world premiere FlexCase and hence variable stowage space concept in the tail under the seat. Despite its sporty, spartan tail section, two helmets can be easily stowed in the parked vehicle.

•      C 650 GT with a large stowage space of about 60 litres in the tail for taking two helmets and other utilities.



•      C 600 Sport:

Cosmic blue metallic matt

Titanium silver metallic

Sapphire black metallic

•      C 650 GT:

Sapphire black metallic

Platinum bronze metallic

Vermilion red metallic

29 responses to “BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT – New BMW Scooters”

  1. Giom says:

    The GT almost look like a little R1200RT, very cute. Must say, they do look very solid – like something between a normal scooter and a touring bike.

  2. Peter says:

    The C650GT is available in Vermillion Red and that’s the same paint from the K1600GT. The other GT has almost the same paint as one of the colors available for the K1600GTL. Looks very nice.

  3. Guest says:

    Will be interested in the availability and price.

  4. Tathompsonjr says:

    Will they be sold in the USA?

  5. Evansfam151 says:

    Dear BMW:
    I owned two of your 3 series and loved them. Have problems with heasdaches and driving licence taken away for a year. What is cost in Toronto, do i need a licence,refgistration,plates,etc.
    Does Parkview BMW have some on display?
    Rob Evans, 416-499-5715

  6. jordan bell says:

    Maxi scooter are
    best entertainment for children and my son loves maxi scooter. Maxi scooter is a great birthday or Christmas gift.

    maxi scooter

  7. Karan Bhalla says:

    when will the scooters come to India ? we are waiting eagerly.

  8. Jagervw says:

    I was told that these would be available in Feb. of 2013 in my area of SE USA…

  9. Jagervw says:

    I was told that these would be available in Feb. of 2013 in my area of SE USA…

  10. Clerkenwell28 says:

    when is the C 600 going to be available in London?

  11. BMW Secrets says:

    Just like the local BMW car dealership ads, I get so sick of making the MSRP a big secret. Don’t you think at some time, it’s going to be revealed. Just put it on the site and be done with it. What’s with all the games? Even their official site leaves it out.

  12. Heidrun says:

    Super, waiting for them here in Namibia.

  13. Regina says:

    When are these coming to the USA?

  14. bob says:

    Coming out late novamber 2012 in Australia for just over 17 grand on road

  15. bob says:

    Will be out in Australia late november 2012 just over 17 grand on road

  16. Scooter guy says:

    Just saw the new scooter at my dealer. Premium gas, ugh! No locking glove compartment, bad. Trunk light where it will get buried, bad. Painted panel where you step over to get on, what were they thinking. Three grand (USDs) more the a Suzuki. I guess I’ll think about it when I get a chance for a test ride. It will have to be outstanding to get me off my Suzy.

  17. Patrick says:

    I picked up my C650GT yesterday. I love everything about it, except…. It’s a little loud. It’s not a bad sound, but it would be nice if it were a little quieter. They do sell an accessory silencer, but it’s actally louder than the stock unit. Except for that one thing, I love the power, the feel, the weight, the brakes, the lights, really everything. The 650GT fixes everything I didn’t like about my last bike, a Burgman 400.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Nice Patrick! Would love a review and some photos!

      • Patrick says:

        I had the BMW luggage rack and top case installed last week…. It’s perfect. Big enough to easily swallow a full face helmet with room to spare. Also, with the body color panels, it looks really nice on the bike. After seeing the bike with the top case installed, the bike looks odd now when I pop the case off.

        One downside; the top case has no reflector or light of any kind. In the pictures you can see a red plastic component across the back of the box that I assumed would be a light, or at least a reflector, but it’s just a piece of dull, red plastic.

        On the subject of lights, the literature refers to “LED turn signals” however, only the front turn signals are LED, the rear turn signals are old-style bulbs. How did that happen on a 2013 model?
        Overall, I’m still thrilled with the 650GT.

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