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Press Release: MINI presents the eco-friendly solution to the parking space problem in city centres. The brand is celebrating the comeback of the folding bike …

Press Release: MINI presents the eco-friendly solution to the parking space problem in city centres. The brand is celebrating the comeback of the folding bike with a modern version of the practical means of locomotion.

The special gimmick: when folded, the MINI Folding Bike fits into the boot of almost every vehicle – and most definitely into the MINI. When travelling into the city, simply park the car outside the overcrowded city centre, then continue on the bike and relax. Park & Ride with an environmentally conscious understatement!

The bike is also absolutely suitable for commuters and impresses in urban travels. When folded, it can be taken free of charge on public transport.

mini folding bike 01 655x463The MINI Folding Bike presents itself as a genuine high-tech vehicle: high-quality components, a light-weight aluminium frame and a clever folding mechanism make the trendy bike the ideal companion while travelling. The bike can be folded and unfolded in just a few seconds. The bike is folded along the crossbar and handlebars. In addition the saddle can be retracted and the pedals be folded up. This makes the bike extremely easy to handle whilst saving space. Fitted in a sleeve under the saddle is a practical transport bag.

The MINI Folding Bike can easily match the riding characteristics of a “normal” bike. Weighing less than 11 kilos and equipped with 8 gears and 20-inch wheels, it is quick and versatile. The teflon-coated chain prevents annoying soiling caused by chain oil and reduces the wear and tear on the components. The comfortable gel saddle ensures comfort. Thanks to the front and rear mudguards, you can carry on peddling regardless, even in the rain. Good visibility on the road is guaranteed by the accompanying reflectors.

mini folding bike 02 655x463

Even on two wheels MINI proves its unmistakable design expertise. The bike comes in exquisite matt black. Silver highlights are set by the MINI lettering on the crossbar, the brand logo on the handlebars and the Union Jack motif on the rear forks. The absolute eye-catchers are the bike chain and bell in bold neon yellow.

The MINI Folding Bike is available as of August 2011 for 499.00 Euro on the Internet at and from selected MINI dealers. The bike comes completely mounted. Additional accessories will soon be available.

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8 responses to “The MINI Folding Bike”

  1. Hugo Becker says:

    The original Mini’s suspension was designed by Alex Moulton. Moulton makes a folding bi-cycle (for over 50 years):

    Everything old is new again. ; -)

  2. Kelly says:

    The MINI folding bike appears to be a Dahon!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I own this MINI bike and it’s definitely not a Dahon. It’s made in the Czech Republic, and has the MINI label and European components all over it. It bears a resemblance to the Dahon Mu P8, but differs in noticeable ways. It’s possible that MINI licensed some of the Dahon patents (like the folding mechanism, etc), but it does seem to be an independent MINI design that improves on Dahon quality and the like. At 22+ pounds, it’s a nice bike.

  4. Patricia says:

    Hi! I’ve recently bought this lovely bike! It is so easy to fold it and keep in your MINI! I love it so much!

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