Dr. Oetker on Mercedes-Benz’s Latest Commercials

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 Dr. Oetker on Mercedes Benzs Latest Commercials

BMWBLOG ran into Dr. Oetker again, wandering the kitchen gadget aisle of a mall department store, and had a chance to catch up on the latest …

BMWBLOG ran into Dr. Oetker again, wandering the kitchen gadget aisle of a mall department store, and had a chance to catch up on the latest with him. See our previous Dr. Oetker episodes…

BB – Why, Dr. Oetker, good to see you!

DO – Good to see you too, we haven’t talked in a while have we?

BB – No, and funny I should run into you here, but I wanted to get your
opinion on Mercedes-Benz’s latest ad campaign.

DO – Oh, Mercedes-Benz makes some very good trucks. They are great for
hauling ice cream!

 Dr. Oetker on Mercedes Benzs Latest Commercials

BB – Well it wasn’t exactly trucks that I wanted to ask your opinion
about, but now that you mention it, didn’t they make an 11 liter GT at
one time?

DO – Yes, they did! It was an 11 liter inline six cylinder garbage
truck. Road & Track road tested it in the April 1968 issue, if I
remember correctly.

BB – Interesting, but to the question at hand. Have you seen the new Mercedes Benz television commercial where owners describe accident situations that their cars got them out of?

DO – No, what exactly did they say?

BB – Well they had a number of owners say how the car saved them from an accident. For example, one owner said, “I didn’t see that the car in front of me stopped short, but my car did.”

DO – These were passengers speaking?

BB – No, I believe they were representing the drivers perspective.

DO – Odd. So the drivers were zombies? Do zombies eat ice cream?

BB – I don’t know if zombies eat ice cream, but doctors do.

DO – Zombie doctors?

BB – Well . . .

DO – So what Mercedes Benz is telling us in those commercials is, “We make inanimate objects that are more cognizant than our owners.”? – Oh look, ice cream scoops . . .

And with that Dr. Oetker wandered off.

  • Tom


  • Laszlo

    sure Dr Oetker makes a great pudding but what does he know about cars and trucks ? This is stupid as stupid does.

    No car has more “gadgets” in it then BMW so this is a bit ironic that they will make a sarcastic comments on the electronics in their rival’s car.

    BMW invented the iDrive to make sure the driver is not getting lost in the buttons but concentrating on the driving. Yet the studies shows the iDrive takes more time-off of the driver then any button ever did. To handle a simple 1 push button job, now you need to go into to a computer screen and scroll down, left -right till you find the actual settings.
    if this isn’t zombie then nothing is… Dr Oetker can go back and make a nice cinnamon-earwax taste pudding for the iDrive innovator.. .shees.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000477069969 Hugo Becker

      Looks like we struck a nerve. ; -)

  • JakeM

    I really don’t understand what this “article” is about. I did catch the “garbage truck” phrasing as a way of degrading the Mercedes-Benz brand name.

    My question is: WHY?

    Mercedes, being the inventor of the modern automobile, ventured into coupes, limousine, truck, van, bus and other forms of transportation during the late 19th and early 20th century. It’s part of their history and heritage. That’s nothing to be ashamed about. In fact I’ve always viewed it as respectable feature of this brand. And – if you travel to North Africa, South America, the Middle East and parts of Asia, Mercedes’ cars, buses and trucks have an excellent reputation.

    Last year my girlfriend and I spent two weeks in Argentina and Brazil. When we used public transportation it was often a Mercedes’ bus from the 1960s or 1970s (perhaps even older) and those things looked great (I’m a bit of a truck/bus fanatic on the side, especially Europeans ones from the 1950s) and were in great (visible) condition. Anyway, Mercedes makes trucks. So what? It’s part of their history and hasn’t hurt their brand image at all. They’re still a very prestigious make and I as a BMW fan have a lot of respect for this brand.

    Now, when will BMW make a cool bus/truck? :-p