Rumor..or not? BMW to build a 4 Cylinder twin-turbo engine

Rumors | April 9th, 2008 by 19

Update: We have spoken with our sources and there is DEFINITELY going to be a twin-turbo 4 Cylinder. They are of course trying to push for 11k Rev, but more …

Update: We have spoken with our sources and there is DEFINITELY going to be a twin-turbo 4 Cylinder. They are of course trying to push for 11k Rev, but more testing needs to be done.  

We have been hearing from two independent sources that BMW is going to build a 4-Cylinder High Rev (11,000 rev limiter) engine, hoping for about 220-260 horsepower. The 4-Cylinder will be offered in 2 stages with and without twin-turbos.

We hear that the new engine will be exclusive for the 1 Series to start, but may go to a 3 coupe, but not the sedan. Release date of 2010 is what we hear they are shooting for. Parts and pieces (suppliers) are being scouted now.  

Continuing down the rumors path, same sources indicate that a quad-turbo 4-Cylinder might be in works as well.

Will the recently announced 1 Series and 3 Series tiifeature these new engines sometimes down the road? Well, time will tell.

19 responses to “Rumor..or not? BMW to build a 4 Cylinder twin-turbo engine”

  1. Mike says:

    This seems like a ton of nonsense. This will never make it into a production car. If there was any fact behind it, you would list your sources. The shear RPMs will never be a product for the street in a BMW let alone a 1 series. For the track and BMW race cars it is a different story as those engines are torn down and rebuilt. The HP ratings are easy to achieve but the revs are not. I think you better check your sources and see if they are really sources it makes your rumor title a joke, The 8400 RPM is tough enough to achieve and you are saying 11k. Get real

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    Mike, unfortunately, we can not reveal the sources, but I guarantee you that we have heard this from 2 separate sources. If you look back, we did post inside information before and they were all true. We do not just throw things out there looking for the sensational.

  3. carversation says:

    Mike- I know it is hard to believe, but if you would have told me a long time ago that nissan is going to make a 6 cylinder car weighing almost 4,000 pounds and 0-60 in 3.2, i would have laughed at you hysterically…. and it came true. You would have told me a car with 1,001 hp and a W16 cylinder would be 0-60 in 2.5, i would have laughed even harder. Anything can happen, cars are setting higher standards to compete in one of the most competitive markets.

  4. Mathis says:

    Its likely true! Just difficult for American BMW Fans to grasp as they have not had a 4 Cylinder BMW for a long time stateside for sale…

  5. ash says:

    @Mike: 8400 isnt hard

    My 1968 998cc Hillman Imp will rev to 9k no problems……

    Yes the engine is heavily modified, but its also 40+ years old, so how can you possibly say 11k is unrealistic giving todays technology

  6. Alex Romania says:

    It would be interesting to see if BMW will be able to pull this off.

  7. david says:

    Ok I know that you can build a motor to rev to 19,000rpms because that is what a formula car does. But let’s get real here. BMW, although having the R&D to do so, would not put a car like this into production. and especially not in an american car. the problem with doing something like this doesn’t have to do with technology or anything of that nature. It has to do with competing against itself. you already have the N54 motor that has 300 HP why would they build a 4cyl TT motor that only did 230 hp just because it had an 11,000 rpm redline? If you think about it logically for a second it would be plain idiotic to do something like that.

    • MisterTwo says:

      Shooting down other people’s ideas because you don’t agree with them?

      I, for one, would love a 4 cylinder high rpm engine. Maybe they aren’t targeting a general audience with this move, huh?

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