MINI Countryman

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MINI takes automobile personalization to a whole new level

MINI, a leader in the manufacturing of customized vehicles in volume, is set to take automobile personalization to a whole new level with a revolutionary paint system that will allow owners to change the exterior…


MINI launches Product Design Competition

MINI’s  marketing machine is at work again. Known for their unique, personal approach with their marketing campaigns, MINI launches a new interesting challenge for all the fans around the world. “In keeping with the brand’s…

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Geneva Motor Show 2010: MINI Countryman

MINI has entered a new era today at the Geneva Motor Show with their latest and first of this kind product: MINI Countryman. According to BMW, the Countryman is “a new dimension” and “genuine crossover…

MINI Countryman: First exclusive video!

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Videos: MINI Countryman

MINI Countryman was unveiled last week and the usual videos following a launch are available online. The new MINI Countryman will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March with sales commencing later…

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MINI Countryman U.S. Press Release

A year ahead of its launch in the US, MINI Countryman is confirmed to expand the MINI lineup to four variants. Note: U.S. product specifications are different from those announced in markets outside North America….

Premiere: MINI Countryman

MINI is adding a fourth model to the family, opening up a new dimension of that unmistakable MINI feeling. As a genuine Crossover, the MINI Countryman bridges the gap between the classic concept of the…

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Official teaser for the R60 MINI Countryman

MINI’s ingenious and uber creative marketing department is at its best again. Today, the official MINI Youtube channel released an ….let’s just say, interesting video with an even more intriguing description: “Four is the buzzword…