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Which BMW Do You Want but Are Afraid to Buy?

Buying an old German car can often be terrifying. Old German cars especially BMWs, are infamous for their poor reliability and high cost of maintenance. Not all old Bimmers are unreliable but there are certainly…

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Buyer’s Guide: Which BMW X5 should I buy?

The BMW X5 is BMW’s first SAV and has now been in production for over 20 years. This means that when it comes to buying options, you have plenty – over a dozen different options…

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First generation BMW X5 still looks fresh

Back in 1999, the idea of BMW making a high-riding luxury SUV seemed downright heretical. Yet, the E53 X5 was made and made at a brand-new facility in America, of all places. However, almost twenty…

How the E53-generation BMW X5 changed the brand forever