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bmw m series carbon racer bike 3

BMWBLOG Review: BMW M Carbon Racer

The Ultimate Driving Machine now has a garage companion that shares a true M badge, the 2011 BMW M Carbon racer, an excellent road bike for the athletic hobby cyclist. I’ve been a huge cyclist…

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BMWBLOG Test Drive: 2012 BMW 335i Convertible

Ah summertime! What better time is there than this to drive a BMW convertible? Sometimes, we in the automotive press, spend too much time talking about the latest and greatest, forgetting about the here and…

bmw z4 N20 07 750x500

BMWBLOG Test Drive: The N20 Engine

In the early days of Bavarian Motor Works, the four-cylinder engine was the basis for many of the cars. The combination of the small, two-door BMW sedans and the M10 four banger was successful in…