BMW X4 videos

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Premiere: BMW X4 Commercial

Be one of the first to see the premiere of the BMW X4 commercial. It shows a world that is constantly changing (e.g. the city moves like waves), inviting exploration. The new BMW X4 stays…

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BMW X4 – Driving Scenes

Meet the BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe, or the little brother of the upcoming X6, which not only previews a design language most likely seen in the second-generation X6, but also hopes to wow a…

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BMW X4 Launch Film

This film explains the fist-ever BMW X4 in detail. Explore the design, listen to the sound of the car sprinting from 0 to 200 km/h (0 to 124 mph) and have a look at the…

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BMW X4 – New Videos

BMW releases new videos of the BMW X4. BMW adds a new dimension of the mid-sized premium Sports Activity Vehicle. Like the X6 before it, the BMW X4 combines the performance and capability of a…