BMW i4 40

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BMW i4 40 vs. BMW i4 35 – Which One to Buy?

BMW just announced a new entry-level electric car – the BMW i4 eDrive35. The new i4 35 will join the U.S. lineup in first quarter of 2023. Therefore, customers will have three choices when it…

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BMW i4 goes for a 1,000 kilometers test

Norwegian Bjørn Nyland, once known as Teslabjorn, regularly performs car tests over 1,000 kilometers route and the latest car to join that select club is the BMW i4 eDrive40. According to the YouTuber, he managed…

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2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 showcased in Mineral White color

Most of the marketing images of the new BMW i4 focused on the top and most powerful model – the i4 M50. But the entry-level rear-wheel drive BMW i4 eDrive40 is equally exciting. Today, a…

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BMW i4 eDrive40 photographed in Mineral White Metallic

BMW’s latest electric vehicle – the i4 – is slowly starting to arrive in customers’ garages. One of the most efficient EVs on the market was unveiled earlier this year and it is now ready…

Which to Buy: BMW M440i Gran Coupe or BMW i4 40?