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The Last of the (Mostly) Analog Cars

The aged amateur racers were all in their places, coffee at hand, and mostly wide awake. The question was posed, “when will we see the first serious professional race driver that has not learned to…

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Best Used BMW Cars Under $25,000

Not all BMW enthusiasts can afford a brand new Bimmer. BMWs are premium cars that carry premium price tags, which are often too high for many enthusiasts. However, that absolutely does not mean those same…

Video: Up Close and Personal with BMW 1 Series Coupe

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Analysis: BMW 1 Series Coupe Styling

The Amish are renowned for their restrained appearance, and a well crafted simplicity. Loath to emulate what they view as the discordant modern world, they have shunned any affect of modernity. Amish building and furniture…

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BMW 135i Coupe – Review and Test Drive

A week ago, we had the opportunity to test drive the all-new BMW 135i Coupe. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and we were very excited to have this opportunity….