2011 BMW X3 photos

2011 BMW X3 TEST DRIVE 1341 750x500

Ultimate Photo Gallery: 2011 BMW X3 during a test drive

2011 BMW X3 coverage continues with a new batch of photos from the International Media Launch of the second generation premium compact Sports Activity Vehicle. In front of journalists from around the world, BMW showcased…

2011 bmw x3 xdrive35i test drive 146 750x500

2011 BMW X3 xDrive35i at the International Media Launch

Yesterday, BMW hosted the International Media Launch of the new 2011 BMW X3. Our own Hugo Becker attended the event and shared with us his initial impressions. To emphasize the new design and road presence…

images 2011 bmw x3 15 750x500

Real Life Photos: 2011 BMW X3

After tens of official photos, we are bringing you the first real life photos of the new 2011 BMW X3. The second generation X3 has been redesigned from the ground up and went through an…

BMW X3 F25 Wallpaper 09 750x500

New Wallpapers: 2011 BMW X3

Shortly after the official unveiling yesterday, BMW follows up with the new photos of the 2011 X3. As we reported several times before, the 2011 BMW X3 has been redesigned from the ground up. The…

2011 BMW X3: Bigger, Lighter, Faster, Frugal

2011 bmw x3 310 750x500

2011 BMW X3 – Photo Gallery

Today, BMW unveiled the second generation BMW X3. Due at the end of this year, the 2011 BMW X3 brings a new exterior and interior design, along with technology enhancements. Here are some of the…

BMW X3 F25 Interieur 09 750x500

World Premiere: 2011 BMW X3

The new 2011 BMW X3 makes its debut with the second generation in the small, premium Sports Activity segment. Press Release: In 2004 BMW introduced a new concept to the market: the small, premium Sports…