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The 2021 KIA K5 GT Just Beat Out the BMW 330i

As soon as Hyundai poached Albert Biermann away from BMW M to head up its own N Division, we knew the South Koreans had their targets set squarely on the Germans. After helping to craft…

Video: BMW M340i takes on V60 T8 and S4 in Fast-Wagon drag race

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BMW M5 CS Parts Popped Up For Sale Online

We’ve known for some time that a BMW M5 CS was on its way. It marks the first time BMW has ever made a hardcore stripped out version of the M5. The idea of such…

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VIDEO: Is the BMW M340d Touring Better than M340i?

The BMW M340i Touring is one of the best all-around daily drivers on the market. Not only is it M3-fast but it also handles surprisingly well, is comfortable and luxurious enough to live with every…