The next How-To video shows us how to create an optimal climate in any new BMW. The Climate Control system can be accessed via the control bar placed underneath the central air vents. There are also two small displays showing the set temperature and the amount of ventilation. To obtain an efficient cooling or heating of the cabin, you should always use the automatic mode of the Climate Control system, which can be turned on by pressing the AUTO button.

Through the dedicated buttons, you can set the desired temperature: press the temperature button on their upper side and the temperature will rise, while pressing the lower part will drop it.

If you want to achieve a rapid cooling of the interior, you can press the MAX A/C button, which enables a maximum ventilation and the lowest possible temperature, indicated by the LOW message on both climate displays. Pressing this button once again will turn off the function.

In the AUTO, you can also control the level of ventilation by using the dedicated buttons with the fan pictogram. As well, holding the button MENU A/C  will pop up the climate control menu on the iDrive screen. Ticking the Synchronise box means that the climate system will no longer work in dual mode for the front area, as the temperature to be achieved will be the same for both the driver and passengers sides.

If the air recirculation is turned on, then the car will automatically sense any possible condensation of the windscreen and act consequently by turning on the ventilator to make it disappear. During the cold season, this function is particularly useful while traveling long distances. As well, in the wintry mornings before driving away, turn on the MAX windscreen ventilation function to help you quickly defrost the windscreen of any ice and snow that might have formed over the night.

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