Despite having one of the best histories of performance driving machines in the entire automotive industry, BMW has been more criticized than ever in the past few years. As a brand, its steering has become less engaging, its ride quality has become less magical and its driver engagement has diminished. However, it seems as if BMW’s beginning to get some of that back and it began with the new G30-generation BMW 5 Series, a car that’s just won MotorWeek’s Best Luxury Sedan.

That’s a big win for the 5 Series, especially considering how impressive the rest of the segment has gotten. The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a superb car and so too is the Jaguar XF. Even the new Cadillac CTS is an impressive new car. So the fact that the new 5 Series can best them is a big statement.

It wins this award thanks to the fact that it brings new luxury and technology, along with great driving dynamics. It’s the car that began BMW’s return to form, as it sports steering and chassis dynamics that are closer to the near-perfection levels of old-school BMWs. It isn’t there yet but it’s trending upward. Since we first drove the new G30 5 Series, we knew it was something special, something pointing BMW in a new direction.

Combine that newfound sense of driver engagement with an interior that looks and feels special, a ride quality that blends comfort and handling better than anything else in the segment and class-leading technology and you have a near perfect luxury sport sedan.

MotorWeek also appreciates BMW’s continued love for sedans, rather than just pushing more and more SUVs (even though it does do that as well). Despite having more SUVs than almost any other automaker, BMW still puts a ton of development time and money into its sedans and it shows with the 5 Series.

[Source: MotorWeek]