The new BMW X3 is now out and customers can get delivery of their cars, depending on their location. This, of course, means that journalists get to review the car as well and we already did a couple of times. However, some people might claim that we’re being subjective when praising the car so we’re going to leave others do so from now on. One of the publications which also apparently fell in love with the new X3 hails from Australia, as the guys from Car Advice just published their take on the new SUV.

BMW decided to give the X3 a whole new platform to run on. It is based on the CLAR architecture and its codename reflects the growing importance the X3 has for the Bavarians. Being called G01 it is clear that the car started its development with a new platform in mind, aiming at offering a great combination of comfort and sportiness, attributes needed in today’s SUV-focused world. That said, it looks like they delivered, if we’re to believe Car Advice.

The Aussies claim that the X3 rides like no other car in the segment, therefore being very close to becoming a benchmark. And that’s a big improvement over the two models that came before it which, according to them, felt like afterthoughts and like they were mostly catching up instead of leading the pack. That may hold some truth but it’s no longer the case with the new model. Designed by Australian-born Calvin Luk, the Sports Activity Vehicle as BMW calls it might be a home run.

The engine choices in Australia are a bit different than in the rest of the world. At the moment, customers can only get two diesel and one petrol model but, to our surprise, the petrol version is not the top of the range M40i. Instead, the Aussies need to make sure they make due with the xDrive20d, xDrive30d and xDrive30i models. My personal choice would be the xDrive30d but the most popular model worldwide will definitely be the xDrive20d and its 190 HP, efficient 2-liter mill.